Friday, April 24, 2009

"Boy Play"

Art journal pages:
watercolor and Sharpie marker,
first sketched in pencil, than painted, then
outlines & journaling added.

Pages with journaling below:
a day with a 3 year-old boy...

Some items sketched while he watched
cartoons on TV, some after we had
been to a nearby state park...

We ended our park visit just as
the skies clouded and rain poured down...
even got some hail and ice!


  1. Your drawings are fantastic. I love the soft look of each page. Even the brighter colors have a soft look about them. Beautiful.

  2. I love it, Mom! You certainly captured the essence of a day with our little monster! =)

  3. It sounds like you had a busy day! Full of fun. What a great way to document a day in the life of a 3yr old. something to tug at your heart when he is a grown man!! It is beautiful!

  4. These pages are unbelievable. You need to be a child's book illustrator. You are wasting your talents. Your art is better than some I've seen commercially.


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