Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jolly Halloween Mail Art

Here is a postcard I sent to my friend Lou...her art is awesome and she shares her enthusiasm and joy of creating with everyone. Visit her blog at Metamorphosis.


Halloween is coming quickly and I'm looking forward to the Halloween Blog Party that I will be having on Oct. 26, 2008! Stop by to see Pumpkin Head Jack, an Egyptian party girl, Druids from the past, and other enticing goodies! It will be fun and I hope you will join in! If you would like to participate in the Soul Journal Halloween Blog Party on your blog, just click on the spooky red icon on the top right. I also recently visited a mysterious and extravagant blog party on Vanessa's site, and you can see the sights at A Fanciful Twist. Jolly Halloween!


  1. Your postcard is so beautiful and colorful. I know Lou is going to love it, too.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your artwork is AMAZING. I especially love the vintage halloween stuff...I have a weakness for all things vintage.

    BOO to You! ~ Amanda

  3. Hi! Dianne, I'm really glad you stopped by my blog--it's so nice to discover your's! Your mixed media postcards are incredible. How lucky for those who receive one:) I've enjoyed my visit a lot and will be back to party with you on Sunday...sounds like I'll be seeing some fun things!


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