Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Awakening: art journal spread

These pages were first painted with acrylic paints. The faces are from cardstock cut into oval shapes and then glued on. The silhouette figures were drawn in black permanent marker, and then the faces were drawn in. Swirls and curlicues were added to the background with a fine point black pen.

To create the "found poem" text, I browsed through an art magazine, writing down words and phrases that caught my fancy and conveyed a joyful idea...


  1. this pieces looks beautiful...i like the swirlies all over the background...i love that kind of thing
    and it takes so much time to do them i don't
    because i am lazy..
    i like the sillouettes all around the edge too

  2. These pages are wonderful. I just love swirlies and the faces on the silhouettes are so cute.

  3. These pages are wonderful, ingenious, and very artistic. I'm always in awe of your work. And I was surprised to read that the sentiment is "found poem" text. The swirls add the perfect touch, but look really time consuming.

    Great job all around.


  4. I love this spread. You did a wonderful job on it. Thanks for the description of how you made it. It helps a novice like me learn more ideas.


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