Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jolly Halloween Blog Party!

to my Halloween Blog Party!
I'm so glad you stopped by...
Many thanks to Collage Diva for the invitation to join the Soul Journal Halloween Blog Party!

The Jolly Halloween sign above, in watercolor and calligraphy, and the three Halloween ATC's, will be given away to someone who leaves a comment at the end of this Blog Party entry. Please leave a comment and your email address. I will randomly draw a name by Nov. 1st and contact you via email.
Come in...
enjoy the Art, crafts, and colors of the season!

Pumpkin Head Jack, the paper doll, is hanging out
with his buddy, Skinny Legs Squash.
A vintage-style cat and pumpkin grin as you walk by...
they're painted on paper mache' boxes.
Jack is happy to spend time with
the Country Angel doll and the Crow & Goblin Queen atc's.

The Art dolls are joining the party too...
painted & stuffed "cocoon" dolls on each side of the clown paper doll.

Jack has lost his ghost costume!
He's dancing around the candles...
good thing they're not lit right now...
In another dark corner---
Don't worry if the drawing doesn't make sense...
it's surrealism.
-W-I-C-K-E-D- tags
The Egyptian party girl is wearing her party hat...
a witchy woman is lurking in the haunted house
with a bat and a raven...
Do you think the paper doll realizes that she
could be in danger?
Egyptian party girl...
Swirls and glitter...
Do you believe in MAGIC?
Mini-pennant tag...
It's turning into a black and white Halloween...
Art journal pages, acrylic and collage.
behind an elaborate wrought-iron gate
swirls turbulence of...?

...a darker time...the origins of our quirky, fun, Jolly Halloween are thought to be from the Druids' observance of Samhain...

If Druids Spoke From the Dusts of the Past...

Beneath my feet, layers of time passed,
scented by dry leaves and rich earth,
they cushion my way as I walk
in misty darkness.
The sacred oaks embrace my Druid sisters and I
as we approach the hidden place of our secret rites.
The clouds discourage the moon's silver swath
as she welcomes our worship of her glory.
The Seer whispers to our mother, the earth
who birthed all mysteries
and cradles the graves of the dead.
We are priestesses of life,
believers in the cycle of the seasons.
The music of rustling leaves
floats above us in the violet darkness
as the hour of midnight approaches.
The creatures of the night search for prey
and the owl glides through the vapor of the night.
The flight of birds on the wing
points us to primeval prophecies.
We are one with the forest and honor
the gods of sun, moon and earth.
Our praise of creation is here recorded
on the stones of our alter.

Enough of darkness...come into the light...!

Embrace the future
Learn from the past
Enjoy the present!

Thank you to all who visited!
Please leave a comment so I will know you stopped by...
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  1. Diane - What a joy to walk through your "haunted" house. I just love the pumpkin head - cracked me up. You are so very talented, thank you for sharing. Hugs.

  2. Hi Dianne,
    some really lovely Halloween art work
    We do not really celebrate halloween in a big way in England, for us it was always Bonfire Night with Guy Fawkes, but that is not the same address on my blog, Cheers Jean

  3. Wonderful work and a great journey through your home!!!
    Happy Halloween :>
    Linda D. UK.

  4. You've been a busy bee this holiday season. Great black and white nook. Awesome journal pages!

    xoxo k

  5. Diane,
    Jack is quite cute!
    I love your black and white themed area and your Journal pages are so Interesting. I love looking at them.
    Thanks for a Wicked good time.

  6. Wow !! I love all the items that you published here.
    Thank you for sharing them.

    Wish you Happy Halloween !

  7. Hi Dianne - kept scrolling back and forth through your Halloween art. Just loved your Art Dolls. Thanks for sharing with us. Take care .....

  8. Diane,
    I love the Pumpkin Jack doll and the "cocoon" art dolls. Very cool. How did you make the cocoon dolls?

  9. Diane I really enjoyed all your Halloween decorations. They are wonderful. I especially liked your black and white hutch. Very clever.
    Thanks for sharing your drawings and journal pages. It was thoroughly enjoyed.{with my broken foot I have not put out one thing this year. Seeing yours got me in the spirit}

  10. What a wonderful set of eye candy. I really enjoyed all of it, you are so creative.

    Pasfan2000 at hotmail dot com

  11. thank you for such a wickedly wonderful contribution to the Halloween party - I had soooooo much fun! the ATC's are great, loved the black & white corner and all the art dolls and the druid drawings and poem ... and ... and ... and ... so much serious goodness!

    thanks for having us, ~M~

    ps -

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  13. Let's try that again! I love your vintage-look decorations, and your black and white theme is really beautiful! I love Halloween!

  14. What fun Dianne! I can see you enjoy Halloween as much as I do! This is my very first ever blog party! What fun and you are a marvelous hostess! :-)


  15. What a wonderful Party! Thanks so much for having me. I especially enjoyed your gorgeous black and white setup. Your party hat, banner and paper doll are to “die” for. LOL I also really enjoyed all of your journal entries and druid writings. You really outdid yourself.

    I hope you have a fabulous Halloween!



  16. Thanks for the party. I liked the paper dolls the best - both the black and white one and the clown doll.
    Do stop by my party too:

  17. you went all out for the occasion!
    thank you for allowing me to fly past
    your artwork is so inspiring...i am going to have to make the time to do more of my favorite theme of the year!

    happy halloween!!!

  18. You have been busy girl. Wonderful eye candy. I'd love to win one of your atc's.

  19. What a wonderful stroll through your pictures! Love a black and white Halloween...your work is awesome!
    Happy Halloween!!

  20. Hi Dianne!
    Oh, that was fun! I love all of the decorations around your home.
    Thank you for sharing your journal pages, I love them. I like the swirls of turbulance.. Fabulous!
    Thank you!

  21. What wonderful decorations, and your artwork is fabulous. Thank you for inviting me to your party.

  22. Love your blog!!

    Carolyn Miller

  23. Jolly Halloween. What a wonderful mix of beauty, shadows and light in your journal pages and decorations.

  24. Dianne, thanks for inviting me to your Halloween party. What fun! Your art work is beautiful as always and loved your decorative pieces. Your black and white vignette really caught my eye.and your poem is great. Hugs

  25. Oooh this is definitely a Jolly Halloween party page. Love the black and white montage the best!

  26. Hi, Dianne...There is so much to enjoy at your party! I am especially taken with your art journal pages, amazing! Thanks for a wonderful visit...Marilyn:)

  27. Wow Wow Wow! Your decor and artistry and absolutely beautiful, and your garden gate page was just incredible. Really loved it. Thank you so much for inviting me!

  28. love all the different pics. The black/white of girl - love that her hands are his antlers. Look all the characters are coming out of the woodwork. Deep in the background of the pic looks like open books. great job, i'm assuming you did it. really enjoyed reading and lurking.

  29. I just LOVE the Black and White themed arrangements. FUN collection of goodies. Happy HAlloween!!

  30. WOW Dianne,

    When you said you were going all out, you went ALL OUT for Halloween this year. I love how you decorated your home and your blog with treats to get us in the mood for the holidays. I also really LOVED your journal pages. You draw faces so well!!


  31. What a wonderful celebration!

  32. Fantastic artwork. I'm partial to B&W so you know I totally dug your hutch display. In three words-----Fab-U-Lous!

  33. What beautiful work you do! I enjoyed my visit and will return.

  34. Hi, Dianne!!!

    I love your Egyptian party. You are so creative and a good craftswoman. I am proud to own DBC originals.

  35. hello Dianne,

    I hopped over to say you need to take a look at You'll see why...

    I didn't have the time to visit the other blogpartiers, cause I was on a 4 days girlfriends trip..., but now I'm catching up !!

    Wow, so many handmade stuff ! I really like that the most to see on the blogs...

    There is a lot I like : the painted cat faces on the boxes, the fabric pumpkin, the black and white display and especially the house ( I make one on our halloweenparty tomorrow...) and the pendant tag..
    Were you at the sweet and sinister swap too ?
    I also like the black and white journal pages.

    Your tags would fit in my halloween displays...

    see you
    greetings from belgium


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