Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Traveler's Notebook Quotes

Traveler's Notebook pages:
 4 1/4"wide  x 8 1/8" tall. 
A Traveler's Notebook (the way I understand
it) was designed to be a portable journal
to take along when you travel. I've
succumbed to temptation, after resisting
for almost a year of looking at examples
of lovely collage and journaling.  Here's
proof that you don't have to be an artist
to make pretty pages. The flowers are 
cut out from scrapbook paper!...ok, I did
actually draw the bird,(above) but it didn't turn out
that great. I do however, love the quotes.

The Traveler's Notebook has elastic bands
to hold several smaller booklets within the cover.
There are also a lot of tutorials online on how
to make your own cover and booklets.  This 
spread features designs cut from a birthday
card that I received.  The card was too pretty
 to just throw away!

More flowers from scrapbook paper, with a
few doodled flowers thrown in.  If you search
'Snarky Quotes' on Pinterest, you will see
some really funny ones!

I'm still drawing and writing in my Hobonichi
every day, but the TN gives me a place to 
collage, draw, and save quotes in a bit
larger format.

If you are a fan of the Funny Papers,
 I highly recommend the book
'Cartoon County.' (quote above) It is 
written by Cullen Murphy,
the son of a cartoonist, and relates about
the life of a cartoonist and his family.
 Very enjoyable, and also raises 
concerns about cartoon strips
possibly disappearing, along with physical
 'hold-in-your-hand' newspapers.

Above, I tried my hand at making some stickers.
(Top and bottom borders) I used acrylic and
watercolors on a sheet of old labels, then when 
dry, I stamped some random designs. 
I need new ink pads, however, so I was pressing
pretty hard, and also ended up drawing/darkening
some of the images.  I discovered that the 
clear acrylic stamps that I have get distorted 
if I press too hard, unlike the wood-mounted
stamps. I am just not much of a stamper.
It was a fun experiment though...I think this 
would make a very cool sheet of
 round or oval stickers.

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  1. I love your new notebook filled with collage and fun quotes Dianne! I was sure you painted those flowers on the first spread at the top- I know you could:):) Happy T day!

  2. Hi this was an informative post for me-I like what you did with your journal for quotes-and the idea of the stickers was very clever had not heard of that before-i think that would be fun. i never liked those plastic stamps either-I got lucky and a online blog friend in Greece who is also a teacher said she can't get them there-so I swapped all I had for some of her sea glass that she collects on the ocean-that was a good trade for the both of us.
    always enjoy seeing your art-Happy T day Kathy

  3. Your journaling and traveller's notebooks are totally amazing, some of the very best I have seen. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. A fabulous notebook, all the pages you shared look awesome.
    I really love the quotes especially the one related to Housework, it really made me smile tonight.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Wow, I love the style of your journal book! The flowers and nature elements are amazing and I love your quotes, they made me smile 😁. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  6. If you did the lettering then you are an artist :) I'm a coffee drinker, too. "First coffee..." sounds like an excellent plan. Happy T Tuesday!

  7. I had an appointment at 9 am, then off to the bank and PO. After that I went grocery shopping at two stores. Got home, put groceries away, and because I hadn't slept since Sunday, I promptly fell asleep. Just woke filled with angst since I had not checked my blog until now!

    I laughed all the way through this post. I LOVED the one to your children. That's even more simple than tying their shoes! I loved it.

    I am NOT a fan of acrylic stamps. I agree they smash and if you don't clean them right away, they have a tendency to deteriorate. I'm also a HUGE fan of wood mounted stamps, and tell people who tell me to remove the wood from my stamps to save space, that I don't have enough stamps to worry about it. If I did, I'd get a bigger studio!

    Thanks for sharing this new journal and your coffee icons with us for T this Tuesday. I like the way you used scrapbook paper in this one, because I'm NOT a person who draws or colors, and I see there may actually be hope for me yet!!!

  8. I've looked at these travellers journals myself but have yet to succumb since I have about a million other journals. (OK, not a million.) But now I do want to try one of these because yours is so gorgeous. That might mean I have a million-ha-ha. I do like your stickers too. Happy T day Dianne. Hugs-Erika

  9. Wow, Each page is stunning in this notebook! I love the flowers and the lettering.
    Happy Tea Day,

  10. of course these days the pages must be filled with oodles of flowers and some birds! it is the greatest time of the year and you showed it so well!!
    have a nice week (and happy belated t-day) ♥

  11. OMG - I am in awe of your TN pages - you are such an inspiration dear Dianne!I have two selfmade Letter Journals in this format and what I love about that is that I get squared work, when I use them as a spread. All the lovely little paintings and those wonderful fitting handlettering quotes - you are such a talent - you never cease to amaze me! Absolutely GORGEOUS and I laughed out loud reading the "I taught you to use a spoon" wording!
    I know you have limited time but maybe you could once participate in our Art Journal Journey challenge - I would be happy to the moon to have you there as a participant!
    Happy T-Day - hugs, Susi

  12. I'm amazed by the fact that you can fussy cut scrapbook paper like that-it looks amazing (as does your bird). When I was driving to Chicago a couple of weeks ago I was really thinking on how I wanted to use my (many) TN's and journals. Since I started using my Hobonichi (the day after Plan It Up) I've neglected everything else. I was thinking of doing the same thing-use my standard TN (a Midori and my first love) to memory keep/collage/stick photos, and ephemera-all of which would probably be too heavy in my hobonichi. Sorry this was long winded but I actually chuckled when I read this post because..."great minds" :D .

  13. Fabulous post, Dianne! I've been reading about traveling journals and making your own. Looks like a lot of fun.

    However, I'm still struggling with my daily planner journal. I have to remind myself not to compare my beginnings with someone else's (advanced) middles ;-)

    I love the quotes you've used. Also your DIY sticker borders. I'm puzzled how you got a (thick) birthday card to blend seamlessly into the "Poetry" page. Maybe you can share some tips on that another time.

    Belated Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  14. What fabulous ways to decorate your pages! Your lettering as always is wonderful! I realise I am visiting just as we are approaching another T Day so apologies for that! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. Love this! I have several TNs, always meaning to do art in them... I have so many different sketchbooks I'm working in! :D


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