Tuesday, June 12, 2018

T is for Toys

Joining the T Gang over at 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's for T Tuesday-Coffee!
Also joining Art Journal Journey for their theme
"Inspired by,"  which for me is TOYS!

I challenged myself to draw toys
for the month of June in my Hobonichi.
There are lots of little toys in the toybox
from fast-food restaurants...and other
random things.

Donald and Goofy are of course
classic. I have no idea why they are
in these particular costumes. Maybe there
was a movie promotion at the time?
(The butterfly tag on the right is a flap
hiding a bit of journaling. Just the left
pair of wings are glued down)

I had to look up the dog character on the
right, and no idea what that little worm
is from...

Every once in a while, I still see a Care Bear.
Birthday Bear is one of the best.  I think
there's a Grumpy Bear around here
somewhere too...maybe he'll make it 
into the journal this month.

One of my son's favorite toys (and cartoons)
was G.I. Joe. It felt appropriate to draw him on
the day we went to meet a good friend's
veterans Honor Flight returning from D.C.
Several hundred people turned out to greet
the returning vets, and we hope it helped,
in a very small way, make up
 for the homecoming that the 
Viet Nam veterans didn't get originally.

Another toy (on the left) that I looked up on
Google. Bakugan toys and cartoons were a
popular Japanese genre. And who doesn't
love Fozzie Bear?! Corny jokes and all...

What was your favorite
childhood toy?

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Good afternoon-your art work always amazes and delights me-I love all you have created here.
    the one toy I remember is my Toni Doll from Toni permanents her hair was so we could give her perms and style it-my Mom had made a complete wardrobe for her-and is actually how I found out about Santa-found all the fabrics in her sewing room lol
    Happy T Day-Kathy

  2. Dianne i loved seeing all your toy sketches! The toy i remember most fondly is the old My Little Ponies.. not this newer version... just not the same... Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  3. wonderful pages Dianne! My favorite is that first part about the coffee:):) I was the "odd" one in my family- preferring clothes,books and records to toys. However I did like my Skipper doll and dollhouse. Happy T day!

  4. Fabulous detailed drawings on all of your journal pages.
    I loved the classic cartoon characters as well as Fuzzy bear.
    I am also having a good smile at the last quote on the post, its a real good one.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Thanks for the smiles today, I enjoyed seeing all your toy drawings and quotes! The fozzie bear joke is a classic - I love it ...lol ;-) . Wishing you a Happy T Day! J x

  6. Fabulous pages, Dianne. I love seeing your Hobo Techo. I only vaguely recognize some of the toys you've drawn. Our son was grown and gone by those years. You saw my rollers skates postcard art, so already know that was one of my faves. But the best of all was the artist quality art supplies that "Santa" brought me when I was 11. My 1st thought was, "What? No toys!" lol

  7. Since I think I was born an engineer, the Tonka toy appealed to me. I never cared for dolls, although my Grandmother tried to push them off on me. I think she just wanted to make their dresses and other outfits, so used me as an excuse. Of course, all your toy sketches are fabulous. It was also delightful to see you at Art Journal Journey, because I've wanted to expose others to your art for a LONG time. BTW, those duplo blocks remind me of Legos. They are great for stamping, too.

    I always love your coffee posts, and I guess I feel the same as you about coffee. I go for the fattening stuff (1/2 and 1/2) in my coffee, but yours sounds good, too. Thanks for sharing your incredible art and coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

    The new check box is to comply with the new EU GDPR policy. I hate it, but we live with it, if we want to use Mr. Linky, I fear.

  8. Forgot to ask how you feel about anniversary ATCs.

  9. I love all your toy drawings. They are spot on and look like the real thing. My favorite would have to be Donald and Goofy.
    Happy Tea Day,

  10. Your journal pages are wonderful, love all the drawings, and the quote right at the beginning made me very happy! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  11. The pages are so impressive - I enlarged the pictures now to read all and I am just in awe of your drawings and your style of bringing the pages together and of course of your Zumba workouts --wow!
    I have fallen in love with Donald and Goofy --- and all the other toys are also drawn so well!
    And you really made me happy to link to Art Journal Journey! Thank you very much Dianne!
    Wishing you a happy zumba and hobonichi week!
    And a happy T-Day!
    Big Hugs

  12. wonderful drawn memories... i never could give away the lego duplo of my sons (in hope i will be a grandma some day;))... and somewhere there must be some PEZ dispensers also (i always tried to get an old mural PEZ dispenser, which gives out the refill packages... but they are rare and so expensive at flea markets!).
    good idea with the butterfly flap!
    have a great week:) ♥

  13. Awesome art and post - I love your style!
    The words on the first page made me smile especially.
    The Fozzie Bear Pez dispenser made me smile too although I remember those from the 1970s. Favourite toys? definitely things to make or use my imagination with.
    Thank you for sharing what inspired you and joining in at AJJ.
    Gill x

  14. I love all these toys Dianne. My favorite as a kid, I can think of a few-at one stage dolls, always books, colorforms, play dough. I guess I have mind that jumps around a lot. I am late for T this week but always enjoy seeing your great journal drawings. Hope it was a super day. Hugs-Erika

  15. Great sketches Dianne, and great advice to never grow up!
    Belated happy T-Day!
    Alison x

  16. My daughter had a Care Bear. It was a sweet stuffed bear :) I didn't have one particular favorite when I was little, but my bike, crayons, roller skates, jump-rope, and Raggedy Ann would all be finalists.

    I love your red coffee cup for a rainy day :)

    Happy T Day on Wednesday ;)

  17. Wow, Dianne! You are a GREAT artist! I LLLLLOVE your amazing sketches!!!!!!!! My favorite as a kid was Donald! Kisses!!!

  18. Oh wow! You're a great artist... LOVE the quote about toys to fire up the imagination... wholeheartedly agree. My GD spends hours imagining scenarios with her little figures.

    Amazing work. What was my favourite toy? I don't remember really having one but I do remember my Spirograph and also a kit for making plastic flowers I got for Christmas one year. I loved it, much to my surprise, even at that young age. Other than that, for me it was books, books and more books...

    Great post and great entry.

    Cath x

  19. Your drawings and illustrations are simply amazing Dianne!! All of them are really gorgeous, wonderful!! Love them, love the children toys!! Also love your drawings about Star Wars!! Stunning, Congrats!! Thank you very much for visiting my blog, and your kind comments.
    I wish you a very happy day, big hugss, Caty

  20. Love all of the toys you have drawn! Your journal pages are wonderful! I rely on cutting out images for mine! Hugs, Chrisx


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