Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Life Book- Favorites

The Hobonichi Company encourages its
users to think of their planners as
"Life Books."  To record the events of
life, both mundane and significant.
That is indeed how I try to use
my Techo.  The drawings usually
average about two to three inches high...

The Hobonichi Challenge this month
is 'Favorites'.  I've never even thought 
about having a favorite umbrella. I am
lucky to keep track of one...and to be
able to find it when I need it!

Favorite stationery: Hobonichi of
course! plus everything I need for it.
That can get out of hand, with all the 
creative supplies available!

Favorite candle: any candle
in a vintage canning jar.

Eclipse day was kind of a non-event
for us, as clouds covered the sun at
the time. So of course, we went shopping!
Above, the prompt was 'favorite frame.'
I don't really have a favorite one, but
this quote made me smile...

And how do you choose a favorite
fictional character? There are just too
many. Dr. Who or Snoopy would have
been valid choices for me as well...
but today Harry Potter won out.

Favorite persons admired...

I could have chosen Michelangelo or 
Leonardo da Vinci, but these two also
came to mind.  I am not fond
 of the disturbing images in Frida Kahlo's
work, but admire the fact that she overcame
the tremendous difficulties in her life, and
determined to be an artist during a time
when women were rarely taken seriously
on a professional artist's level. And she
is fun to draw. Love the bright crocheted 
flower necklace she was wearing.

Above, Favorite thing in the room: a hand-thrown
 bowl made by my husband's cousin, and given
to us as a wedding gift. It's quite large and
heavy. I love it, and the vintage photos.

I've taken the plunge and signed up for a
drawing class at our local university.  It is 
'Beginning Drawing.' Yes, I have had similar
classes before. But as an "over 60" I can audit
the class at no charge, and don't have to 
take exams. Which doesn't really translate 
in a studio art class. If you don't participate
in the critiques, you don't really learn anything
about what you could improve.

I told myself I would try to keep a low 
profile in the class.  But.  There are only 
about 12 people in the class.  So, I doubt that
will be possible. So far, I am just like any of the
other students.  But these kids are all so
 young...College Freshmen, just out of 
high school...so their art is what you would 
see from high school students. Brings back a
lot of memories...very weird in a lot of ways.
My daughter says I will be "cool."  hahaha.
Yeah, right.  So far the
class has been about rules and expectations. I
understand why. But sure hoping things 
loosen up when we actually get to start
 drawing...conformity is difficult for me. 

Quite different from my original 
drawing instructor who was very 
laid back.  Since we were art majors, he
assumed we knew the basics. This class
seems quite remedial. So we will see.
I am hoping for new perspectives from a
different instructor, and enjoying the
 'learning energy' from young people.

Linking up for T Tuesday...
how many coffee/tea cups
did you notice? 

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  1. Good morning, I enjoyed your post and your art-I always enjoy what you share.
    wow how awesome going back to school for a class-enjoy it!! that does sound very cool
    Happy T Day Kathy

  2. Oh and I went back and found 4 cups-mugs fun!

  3. Fantastic journaling and drawings. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. WOW! what a packed post of wonderful art!
    Happy T-day

  5. Love your hobonichi drawings. So many cute ones...I think the duckie umbrella is my favorite. But I could keep scanning back and forth. Good luck with your art class. I will be looking forward to hearing more about it. Glad the price was right. Happy t day!

  6. wow you blow me away with all your fabulous pages and all those beautifully detailed drawings Dianne! What fun to take a free class at the university. I plan on taking advantage of that too when I get to 60:) Happy T daY!

  7. I was in awe of your art today. Before I forget, I checked and I believe Kathy is correct and the number of mugs is four.

    I enjoyed your "favorites" this week and LOVED the duckie umbrella. That was super cute and entirely clever.

    Although the "price is right," says the Queen of FREE, I'm not sure you are going to be happy in that class. I suspect before too long, you will be breaking all the rules and drawing YOUR way. I also believe that if the instructor is so structured, s/he can't loosen up, the teens will look to you for guidance rather than the instructor.

    Thanks for sharing your "favorites," your concerns about the class, and your four mugs with us for T this Tuesday. Still loving your Panda mug!

  8. Favorites are so hard for me. I'd find that a challenging exercise. Your art class sounds interesting, and it'll be interesting to see if your instructor maintains the strictness.

    Happy T Tuesday

  9. Fabulous pages and drawings, you always have so much detail for us to see. The class sounds interesting, but I smile and wonder when you may break one of the rules.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Your drawings are always wonderful - loved seeing your 'favourites'! I hope you get on in your class and that 'the rules' are relaxed soon! Happy T day! Chrisx

  11. Wow, where do I begin with your fabulous post - I love it! There are so many wonderful drawings and interesting things to read and that's a great quote from Captain Jack Sparrow ...lol 😉. I love Star Wars too and they were in a recent carnival parade, it was so eerie when they went by and really cool too - did you see that the photo on my blog? Here's the link if your fancy having a look 😁https://letsartjournal.wordpress.com/2017/07/26/smile-sparkle-shine/
    I love the rubber duckies, panda mug and ceramic bowl too. Without going back I'm thinking there were five mugs/cups and also there was one on a tutorial link on the the right of your blog page that caught my eye too...lol 😉. Thanks for the smiles and wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  12. You have some fantastic favorites. My favorite is just seeing your sketches. They are always full of joy and so much detail for such little sketches. happy T day Dianne.

  13. I just love your journal and sketches. I think I counted 5 cups. 6 if you count the cup for the tutorial on your right sidebar. I see you went to Dairy Queen, too. Favorite character would be Doctor Who, #10 (David Tennant)The rubber duckie umbrella is cute. I think I still have the Young One's Barney umbrella. Happy memories. When the Young One was a college freshman, she took a drawing class. The instructor told them MAHOD: Make a habit of drawing (every day). Enjoy your class. Happy T Day

  14. Thanks for commenting on my paintings
    I love your bright sketches and journals. I will return

  15. Lovely, lovely pages. Enjoy your class. I hope you get a good instructor. :)

  16. it is INCREDIBLE how much sketching you can do in just one week!! it must just flow out of your Hands...
    smiling with your duckies:)

  17. All your pages are absolutely stunning and artistic! I am in love with the dragon this time!Enjoy your class Dianne!
    Happy T-Day
    oxo Susi

  18. I was so wrapped up in you techno drawings and the notations that I was only certain that I saw two mugs, though I knew there were more. I'd be a poor witness at a crime scene ;-) I didn't notice the cute panda mug or the small blue one at the end the 1st time through.

    I love this challenge of favorites as well as your drawings - dragon, ducky umbrella, Star Wars character and young Harry Potter. Fabulous!

    I was shocked to see that you're taking a beginner drawing course! I hope you get something out of it besides all the new supplies you bought!

    Happy T-Day, Dianne! Hugs, Eileen


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