Tuesday, May 16, 2017

T is for TECHO and Trivia

Trivia is defined in my Webster's
Dictionary as "unimportant matters."
My Hobonichi Techo is the place for my
own daily trivia...stuff that is 'important'
only to me. 

Still enjoying learning about these
unfamiliar (to me) fruit that were part
of the Hobonichi Challenge. The
drawings make for colorful pages!

Went to see the movie
Guardians of the Galaxy 2...
not as good as the first movie, but
fabulous special effects and music.
The plot was a bit...I don't know...
choppy?...forced? Still enjoyable 
for Science Fiction lovers, though.
Baby Groot simply stole the show!

Our family had a wonderful Mother's Day,
and I hope yours did too.  I wish I had
taken some photos, but alas I didn't
think to take my camera. 

Linking up for the T Tuesday blog hop over at 
Altered Book Lover's blog. Stop by for a
 beverage and a chat. You can even join in 
with a blog post featuring any kind of 
beverage. (Did you see my little coffee mug 
drawing? It qualifies! 😉) It's a lot of fun
 to see the variety of beverages and
 activities that our blogger friends have 
been up to: travels, creativity, swaps, restaurant
visits, vintage, baking, and beverages.

My choice of beverage is usually coffee, and even
 though the blog hop is called Tea Tuesday, our hostess
graciously permits other beverages! (*smiles sweetly*)

♥ ♥ ♥

 "A coffee a day keeps
the Grumpy away!"


  1. I like that saying with a coffee a day keeps the grumpy away, so true! Great journaling, but I'm glad I didn't see that spider!
    Have a good week and happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow.. fantastic pages are these! Happy T-Day Dianne!

  3. Lovely pages, not sure about the spider though - eek! 😲 Great lychees and grapes, both are favourites of mine and we always have lychees in our fruit bowl when they are in season, yum! Happy T Day! J 😊

  4. fab pages! Really love the Mother's Day one , and that vibrant flower-gorgeous!! Happy T day Dianne!

  5. I'm sorry your pretty mug's handle is broken. That kind of thing always happens to my most favorites.

    I see 48F?! We're getting highs in the 80s

    Happy T Tuesday!

  6. Fantastic pages and so full of super sketches, shame that the mug handle broke, but I would for sure keep it on a shelf, just to look at.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Love seeing your latest journal sketches Dianne. I am having so much fun in mine, but I am still inspired by yours. Hope all is well. Hugs-erika

  8. I just love looking at your calendar/journal pages. So fun and so much to look at. Seeing something called a wolf spider would have me hitting the high notes! You might want to skip using the cracked handled mug in the micro. the mug will get wicked hot and may break. Maybe repurpose to hold pencils or flowers. And the critter in coffee cup made me smile. The sentiment works for tea drinkers, too. Happy T Day

  9. My sincere apologies. After I got home and sat down at my computer, I promptly fell asleep in the chair. Just now woke up.

    I SO enjoy reading your calendar pages and seeing the incredible artwork that goes with them. I see you (and about 5 million other people) went to see Guardians of Galaxy. Somehow it doesn't interest me, but I LOVED your picture.

    Hope your Mother's Day was great. It sounds like you ate a lot. Speaking of eating, it reads like you go out to eat a LOT. You need to take your camera one of these days and show us some photos of these places.

    Some of that fruit I've never heard of. But you make it so realistic, I feel like I've seen it before.

    Thanks for sharing your art and coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  10. Thanks for the comment on the Guardians movie... The second of anything is rarely as good as the first... the second always seems a bit ... i don't know... forced... But glad to hear the music and special effects are good as i think that helped to make the first one good... And... ofcourse Baby Groot stole the show... lol Happy T day Hugs! deb

  11. i wonder how you get your steps done (and zumba!) besides all this journaling;) you must have a lot of energy:)
    have a great week!

  12. The exotic fruit Hobonichi challenge looks like a lot of fun and the fruit really do dress up your pages, Dianne. We have a lychee nut tree in our yard planted by the previous owner. That's the only reason I recognized that strange looking (to Westerners, I guess).

    Is the pretty orange flower drawing of a fantasy plant or perhaps one of the exotic fruits? It's lovely either way.

    Love Mr. Grumpy in a cup ;-)

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  13. Oh My Valerie! Every time I see your journal I swoon! Your drawings are amazing! Belated happy T Day! Chrisx


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