Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pre-Doodling for my Techo

Morning coffee and my Hobonichi Techo...

...and painting in some doodles that I drew
in pen while watching TV. They come in 
handy to add a little 'arty interest'
to my journal entries.

I realize that my pages are crazy 'busy.'
I pack as much onto these little pages 
as possible.  Above, the watermelon page
before it was finished.

And here you can see quite a bit more
was added to the page. That's just how I
roll.  The stickers on the left were unearthed
among children's supplies. I think these babies
might be over 30 years old, from Hallmark.
And they still stick!!  so...I am a supply 
hoarder, I admit it.

Loving the Hobonichi Challenge this month
(from April Wu on Instagram) which is fruit.
Cheerful and pretty subjects to draw, and
I'm learning about a few fruit that I 
might want to try, like Mangosteen. Not 
sure it is available fresh in the U.S. though...
have you ever tried it?

Anyone else remember that old song
"put the lime in the coconut and 
drink it all up?!"

I seem to be using more Washi tape and
collage in my Hobonichi this year. I think
this journal will be even bulkier than
my 2016 edition.

And here is the partial page for today,
lest you think the entries are done all
in one sitting.  Actually, the page may get
added to a little at a time during the day; 
often just notes about what got 
accomplished or what happened. Then
I finish it up the following morning.  It's 
interesting to try to 'notice' how you
proceed with your journal pages. It is often
intuitive, and you have trouble explaining to
someone else how it happened!
Do you follow a planned process when 
you make art, or does it just 'happen?'

Linking up for the T Tuesday blog hop.
I recommend you stop by for a cuppa
and a chat. There might even be
baked goodies...you never know!


  1. I always love your Hobonichi journaling. I am sure you are not the only one who hoards supplies....Happy T Day, hug, Valerie

  2. Wonderful pages, the additions of stickers and washi tapes is a clever idea too! Loving all the gorgeous fruit 😊. The pretty mug caught my eye on Thursday's page where you had coffee and a muffin - yum! Happy T Day! J 😀

  3. I LOVE your journal pages for May. I wish I had your talent, but that isn't possible.

    I have a few old Hallmark heart stickers, and they are still good. The cheap stickers fall off and need glue, but not the Hallmark ones. Quality counts.

    Zumba? I hope you enjoy it. I obviously don't have the strength to keep up for an hour, which is what they recommend here.

    So glad you shared your intuitive process and lovely journal pages with us for T this Tuesday. And I like your use of washi tape. I need ideas for all the tape I received this year.

  4. Your journal pages are always a joy to see, it must give you endless pleasure to revisit the ones you have made in the past.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  5. You have done wonderful journal pages this week

    Hope you had a happy T day

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. I always love looking at your journal pages and I am particularly enjoying the fruit. I wish I could draw like that.
    I'm impressed you get so many steps done. Even on a day where you forget to go to zumba you manage 13000.
    I have never heard of mangosteen, let alone eaten it. Let us know what it tastes like if you manage to find some.
    Happy T-Day,

  7. I love these pages! I have neglected my planner a little this week as I have been on a bit of a roll with my art journalling - it is coming away with me tomorrow though! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  8. Love your journal pages as always Dianne.. I have never heard of a Mangosteen but just this week i tried a green grape that was suppose to taste like cotton candy and you know what?? It DID !! I don't know if it was true or just the power of suggestion but it was delicious!! Big big T hugs this week Dianne!! deb

  9. all These fruit make me longing for summer... you have such great Talent to draw and sketch!! always a pleasure to come along...
    happy belated t-day!

  10. it's always pure eye candy to see your planner pages. I love all the colorful touches with the illustrations, washi tapes and stickers! I must look up mangosteen and see if they have it locally-sounds interesting. Happy T day a day late:)

  11. I love your packed pages! Nice to see them in progress. :)

  12. I remember that song! and now it's stuck in my head lol. I need to see if I can find it on Spotify....

    Your journal pages are my favorites! I love how you can fit so much in without them looking crowded. I think they're perfect :)

    Happy late T Day


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