Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tutorial: Doodle a Girl's Face

Here's a tutorial on how to draw
a girl's face. Just for fun...
you can click on any picture 
for a larger view.

Start with a U-shape--
the top ends are flared out a bit
instead of parallel.

Add a short diagonal line in the center
of the U- top to bottom and left to right.
Mine is a tiny bit below center...that's ok.
This is the nose. Trust me. It will work out.

Add some curving lines above the nose for
the tops of the eyes.  They curve up a bit at the
outside edges...suggesting eyelashes.

Then add a black dot under each eyelid, and a few
extra eyelashes on each side.  Make sure each 
dot is on the same side of the 'eye.'  Both on 
the right, or both on the left, or both in the center.

Add a flattened "M-shape" beneath the nose
for the upper lip.

Add a flattened U-shape beneath the upper lip
to create the lower lip. Add eyebrows above the eyes.

The beginning of the suggestion of hair. I chose
a side part for her hair style. And I prefer
asymmetrical. Too perfect and the same on both
sides just doesn't look right to me...

Add another curving line for the top of the hair, and
some shorter curving lines to suggest the part
 in the hairstyle. Notice how high up
 the hair goes.  The eyes should end up
being half way between the chin and the top of the head.
A common distortion that beginners make is that
they don't draw enough space or volume 
between the top of the eyes and the top 
of the head.

Add a few more squiggly, curvy lines 
for additional hair, extending the lines
 you originally drew.

Add lines to portray the neck.  These are
 placed beginning/touching the jaw line, and 
 placed below/at about the center of the eyes.

Add more undulating curving lines for hair, 
varying the curls at the end of the strands.
It's more interesting if some curve out
and some curve in.

That's it! You've drawn a cute 
female face, and it wasn't hard.  Just
keep practicing and have fun.  You could
add shading or color, flowers in her hair,
or even a halo.  Let me know how you do

T is for Tutorial today...linking up with
Elizabeth for T Tuesday. Sharing my
coffee in the snowman mug today...

and another taste of 
Christmas Greetings!


  1. Great illustration of drawing a face. I sketch faces a lot, my method is a bit different but the results are surprisingly similar.


  2. Hello Dear Dianne ~ what a fun tutorial...I must give it a whirl.
    Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring always!
    Happy T Day to you...

  3. What a funny little face ... great that you show us how this comes into life!
    Your art always makes me happy!
    Happy T-Day Dianne!

  4. Great tutorial, and I'm going to try it. Faces are always the HARDEST thing for me to draw, even after taking classes....;(
    Thanks for sharing, and visiting and for commenting.......LOL
    Happy T-day

  5. You make it look so simple. ;) Have a wonderful week. Happy T-Day! :)

  6. Thank you for sharing this tutorial today. I will definitely be trying it as faces are something I have always struggled with!

    The snowman mug and Christmas art are beauties!

  7. I was very impressed with your tutorial. It actually looks like I could do this. It is wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee and your snowman mug, as well as your FABULOUS tutorial for T this Tuesday.

  8. fun toorial. the only kin dog snow i like is in a drawing- cute cup!

  9. I needed this tutorial when my kids were young and we were working on drawing people. This is the perfect thing!

    I always love a snowman mug. :)

  10. Hello Dianne, sorry I'm a little late for T Day. I want to say first, YIPPEEE!! WAY TO GO!! Yep, I'm excited you put some pictures in your Project Life!! So awesome to hear, keep it up. Wish we lived closer and could work on our albums together, that would make it more fun!! Keep adding those pictures and a little journaling is all it needs. Hoping to keep up with mine this month too, thanks again for the support.

    Ok, now about your post. WOW, such a good detailed tutorial, LOVE IT!! She's such a cutie too. I will for sure give this a try, this helps me a lot. Thank you so much!

    Your mug and holiday art are delightful as always.

    Stay warm today, the temps aren't too low but it feels pretty cold out to me. I hear snow is on the way too, hoping it passes us.

    Take care and enjoy your week!

  11. lovely sketch and the cup sketch too

  12. Thanks so much for the tutorial. You make it seem so easy! Hugs! deb

  13. Halle said:

    Wow...your step by step makes me think I could actually do that!!!
    Happy T day on Wednesday!

  14. Dianne, the word verification is a ploy by Google to get you to use it. All you have to do is press publish and the WV will magically disappear.


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