Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tree Trimmings

Sharing some stitched ornaments on our
Christmas tree...

I love making little ornaments, usually
at least one each year.  The
tree is getting pretty full, and that's
the way I think it should be!

Several years ago I started making
ornaments in primarily red and white.

We have an eclectic assortment of
glass balls, country style, cross-stitched,
crocheted, and hand-made ornaments
from artistic friends.  And of course the
traditional homemade ornaments that
my children's kindergarten teacher made
with their photos on them. Where, oh where
did those little children go?!
All grown up...

Well yes, I do like some pink with
my red and white...

A lot of Santas make an appearance 
every year.

Linking up with the T Tuesday party
over at Elizabeth's.  Here is my
Santa mug and its contents:
 green tea with lemon and ginseng.

Ho! Ho! Ho!
It's almost Christmas!


  1. Handmade ornaments make a tree so special! I've probably said this before, but I make an ornament every year for our daughter that I "hide" in a box. They will be a present at a later date.

  2. Lovely ornaments. Is there no end to the creative things you can do? I need to go find my special holiday mug before the whole season gets by me.


  3. Red and White is a most pleasing combo and especially for the Christmas tree.
    Your ornaments are really lovely Dianne...it is so special that each one has its own story to tell which is one of the really fun parts about the holidays.
    fa la laa
    Happy T Day

  4. love the reindeer one

  5. I like your style! -from the type of ornaments you favor to that darling mug. :) Happy T Tuesday!

  6. I LOVE your ornaments Dianne. My tree displays a wide variety of ornaments too. Yes, I feel a tree should be trimmed to the hilt.......LOL
    Happy T-day Love the Santa mug

  7. What a pretty tree with all the handmade ornaments! That tea does sound good to me and cute cup. Happy T-Day! :)

  8. Your stitched ornaments are very lovely!
    Happy T Day!

  9. Fabulous mug! Beautiful tree. Ours is also filled with homemade goodness. Happy T Day (just in time) :o))

  10. Stunning cross stitch. I really enjoy all those red and white handmade ornaments, but the deer really stole my heart. Santa was pretty special, too.

    Of course, I had a lot of fun sharing green tea with you in your Santa mug and the awesome backdrop on the table. Your post felt very festive. Thanks for sharing these for T this Tuesday, dear.

  11. Thanks for sharing your beautiful ornaments!!! I love hand made ornaments and gifts.

  12. Great collection of ornaments! I like x-stitching ornaments too, and in fact this week I am hurrying to finish a couple.

    Happy Belated T-Day!

  13. Got your message and will watch for the package. Speaking of which, did you receive mine? Seems everyone else has, so I've got my fingers crossed.

  14. Hello Dianne, So happy I checked this and could see your pretty ornaments! I LOVE THEM! My dream is to hopefully sew some ornaments for us next Christmas, I say that every year and want to make it happen. So nice filling your tree with homemade anything I think.
    Your sketches/journal pages are amazing as always.

  15. Merry Christmas!
    I've had fun making tree ornaments this year - they are so quick and pretty to stitch!


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