Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Illustrations

Above, an illustration
of the Snowball Champ
also known as my grandson~
a few days ago, enjoying the snow!
He had an awesome 'Mohawk' hat
with a Batman logo on the side.
He got a great deal of enjoyment throwing snowballs
at me...until he got me in the ear. Then I called a halt...
We laughed and giggled like crazy.

Above, an illustration of the
Snow Princess, inspired by my granddaughter.
Her sweater boot tops sported 
red sequin polka dots!
Not an exact replica of her outfit,
but it was the great color combo of
red and light blue.

Above, a color copy of a watercolor that I did
quite a while back. Came across the copy while doing
some sorting of piles of papers, and glued it into
my Smash book.  A good way to use random stuff
that is 'too good to throw away.'

Not a lot of art happening over the holidays...
just enjoyed family, and did lots of cooking and
enjoying treats! So good to have my children and
grandchildren here for Christmas Day!
I hope your holiday was joyous too.


  1. These are lovely illustrations! They have such a winter feel about them without being 'blue'. Very sweet.

  2. I love the illustrations of your grandchildren. So charming!


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