Saturday, December 22, 2012

Angels and Mary: Reprise

Warrior Angel
Pen drawing and watercolor

Music Angel
Pen and watercolor

Sharpie pen drawings
after Berlinghieri

Pen, watercolor, collage

She who gives birth to God.

Virgin of Guadalupe

Angel collage, above.
Angel is from a Christmas card.
The stained-glass window is a photo
of a local church.

Pen and watercolor.

A work in progress-above.
after Pavlovich~
'The Mother of God in the Garden of Paradise.'
I will add watercolors to this after the holidays.

Above, my rendition of The Black Madonna, 2009.

Above, ball point pen and watercolor of
ornaments on the Christmas tree.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
and a joyous year!


  1. these drawings are so lovely... have you read the book The Feud that started the Renaissance??? by Paul Robert Walker... it is a great art read and these remind me of it so much... great line work and the third one is especially lovely...
    hope you have a really wonderful Christmas and New Year
    T xx

  2. I am always in awe of your art. I love it all, and remember the Madonna from 2009. The rest are all new to me. Such wonderful art.

    I had planned to stop by earlier, but I wasn't home and internet was spotty where I was yesterday. Before you ask, no package yet.

    Have a wonderful holiday, Merry Christmas, and all that comes with the day.

  3. Beautiful angels and Madonna, Dianne. You have a wonderful style.


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