Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cross Stitch Bookmarks

Cross stitch bookmarks make
a nice little gift slipped into a
card sent in the mail.  The
bird and urn, above, was a (free)
pattern from Prairie Schooler.
(Click on the image for a closer look.)
I often adapt the colors to what I
have on hand, rather than strictly 
adhering to the 'pattern requirements.'
The unusual color combination of the 
bird's plumage intrigued me however, so
I tried to make it similar to the pattern
 guidelines. I also whip stitch several
squares beyond the embroidery, then
ravel several rows for the fringed border.

This flower pattern was done
on a scrap of Aida that really
was not wide enough. You can see
that there were only a couple of 
squares outside the pattern after it was
worked. This is considered bad form when
stitching, but I simply couldn't throw out this
perfectly good scrap! So I blanket stitched
around the finished embroidery to keep it
from raveling, and put a felt backing on
which is also blanket stitched. Turned 
out rather well, I think, for a 'scrap.'

This bookmark is actually embroidered
on paper. The lettering may seem a bit
'uneven,' but that is common in the lettering
of traditional cross-stitch samplers. The
cord at the bottom was created by twisting
six strands of floss until it is so tightly twisted
that it doubles back on itself and creates a 'cord.'

Finally, a bookmark cross-stitched
from a sampler border pattern.
The flowers are in 3 shades of pink:
dark, medium and light pink. Sampler
borders are ideal for the long slender
shape of a bookmark, and usually
work up quickly because of the 
repeating pattern.

Quick little sewing projects make a
nice change when mixed media art
is not 'calling' to me... what other
crafts do you do?


  1. I love these! I'm hoping to get to xstitching later this autumn.

  2. I love your stitched bookmarks. Especially the scrap one with the blanket stitching. Lovely! A great little gift and so easy to work up. Have a fabulous weekend. Tammy

  3. You have such a talent for all things stitched. As always I am impressed with your art.

    I saw some Aida cloth at the thrift store a few weeks back. I should have bought it and sent it to you.

  4. Fine stitching like that always impresses me so much. I have handsewing issues. Usually end up with bloody fingers. I admire those who do it well.


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