Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wedding Decor Sketch

A sketch of head table decor for the
upcoming wedding.  Sharpie pen
and watercolor in my art journal.
In case I am at the rehearsal when the
reception tables are decorated, someone
will be able to use this sketch (along with
a photo of the set up) to decorate the 
table for the bride and groom.

Black metal lantern from Hobby Lobby.
Assorted ivy and grapevine for greenery.
Stone doves from a home decor party.
'Love' plaque by Carruth. Silk flowers 
from Michael's and Hobby Lobby.
We used primarily burgundy gladiolas,
 white daisies and white roses, 
with assorted other flowers in the
mix. The bride really likes the 'messy'
wildflower look.


  1. I am so impressed with this plan. The more information you can provide the staff decorating the reception tables, the better off you are. I can only imagine the lists you have already created, and the editing you are doing on them. To have the table design in front of these people is beyond courteous. It is downright applaudable and I would cater your meal and decorate your tables ANY day!

  2. I thought I was an organized planner! You are the champ, without a doubt. Such a brilliant idea to have this lay out illustrated...because even if you end up doing the arrangement yourself, you will be under pressure and sure to forget something, this will come in so handy. Your wedding is going to be perfect!

  3. So smart and pretty! Having it sketched out with I'm going to show this one to my event planner.

  4. Wedding sketch!! It's really good idea that part of wedding decorations and also looks really very pretty as well.

  5. Okay. Here's the wedding goodies! I'm looking back to see what I've missed while I was busy slacking around.

    So smart to have the plan 'drawn' up.


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