Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Art Journal: Bits and Pieces

Art journal pages in the Bits and Pieces journal.
I drew these in Sharpie pen while riding in
the back seat of a car...just consider any
wobbly lines as 'character'...caused by 
bumpy freeway driving!  I added the watercolor
after arriving back home.  A trip to Tennessee
and back was about 18 hours (including rest stops)
so when I wasn't driving, or complaining about 
other drivers 'cutting me off,' I did some doodling.

Have you doodled today?


  1. Love your journal pages and index cards. Years ago, I tole painted so the traditional Americana designs always strike a cord with me! I've been inspired by your pen and ink sketches to try sketching and watercolor...not so easily "self-taught"! I was trying to do trees, last night, now looking at yours I see how I could have done them. I love your work and am always inspired by it.

  2. It was fun seeing your lovely art today. Your barn reminded me of "Fish Farm," that you created for a swap a few years ago.

    Also, I am in love with these labels. I wish you would turn them into rubber stamps. Do I ever get tired of saying that? Nope, never!!

  3. I'm impressed you can create such lovely doodles while riding in the car. I usually take my crochet along as bumpy roads aren't problematic like they would be with cross-stitching. Maybe the bumpy roads would improve my doodling. Ha! Have a great day. Tammy

  4. I love these pages. They are both cool, but the black and white one is striking.

    What a great idea making your own frames! I never think of these things.

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