Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sewing Projects

Inspired by some photos tagged on Pinterest, 
I decided I had been neglecting my needlework.
(I have been working on a baby quilt, but as the
baby isn't due until several months from now,
the surprise musn't be spoiled by showing
the finished quilt too soon.)
Some adorable 'pinkeeps' which I have 
always called pincushions, are showing up
on blogs, and I really love them. This one
was created from a traditional border pattern
found in The Complet Book of Cross Stitch
by Eleanor Van Zandt.  I've used this pattern
many times to make bookmarks. It's fast and easy,
so I decided to try my hand at this
'drum' shaped pincushion.

It's taller and thinner than the examples I saw,
but turned out well, I think. Stuffed within an inch
of its' life to make it stand up! (weighted with a couple
of nickels inside the bottom to make it stable!)
The cross-stitched bookmarks are stiffened 
with fabric glue on the end of large paper clips.
They have cotton fabric for backing.
I made a dozen of these in one evening.
Let dry overnight, and then trim close to stitching.

A diversion from my paper arts...
but will be returning to that soon.
Must get my Halloween swaps ready!


  1. Oh my goodness. You are SO versatile. I really like those cross stitch decorated paper clips. I'm in AWE of these, as well as your "pinkeeps." I suspect I will continue to call them pincushions, too.

  2. Pin cushions are such fun and there are endless ways to go with them

    Yours is lovely

    I am also taken with the old "make-do's" where they used an old candle stick or broken something turning it into a pin cushion.


  3. You have so many wonderful journals! Wow!


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