Friday, September 16, 2011

Art Journal Pages

Pages from the Pink Journal...
Whenever I hear the rock song "Barracuda"
I think of drawing something like this.
I finally tried it.
Not sure it is finished, as there
is still room at the bottom of the page!
I was tempted to draw an image
of the auto, Barracuda,
but cars are not something I like
to draw...we'll see.
What do you think? Does it need 
something more?

Facing page of the Barracudas...
a medieval inspired dragon
and motifs.

Pages in the Scrappy Green Journal
that Elizabeth made, in which I am
creating art.
It has become heavily embellished
with texture, color, drawings, 
and ephemera. It's getting quite fat,
so spaces between signatures
is a good thing to help compensate!
Vintage fabric in
the spread on the right is from a
dress of my grandmother's.

Another spread in the scrappy green journal,
the yarn on the right side is from another page,
but I just left it in the scan. Drawings from
Vogue magazine. Not sure why these shoes
fascinate me. Perhaps it's because I don't
know how anyone can walk in them. The boot
in the 'foreground' was on the page
that Elizabeth created.

Elizabeth included two pages in this journal
of a line drawing of a Campbell's soup can.
I don't know if it was intentional or not,
but I love them!  Andy Warhol art is 
always entertaining, so I enjoyed searching
for appropriate quotes and 
coloring the pages. Above, soup can
number two.

Soup can number one, shown in a 
previous post.

Seth Aptor is going to feature
"Stacks" on his blog next week.
On Wednesday, September 21, 2011,
visit The Altered Page to see stacks
of journals, sketchbooks, 
hand-made books, altered books,
and book art.  Seth will have
links to participating artists' sites.
I will be featuring photos of 
my stacks of journals on this blog,
so plan to visit me!


  1. First, if I were finishing the Barracuda page, I would try to find a photo of an old car, rather than try to draw one. But you are the brave and noble drawer, so I would never suggest not drawing even a car!

    I am always thrilled when you work in that journal I made for you. I'm SO glad and honored you enjoy working in it.

    The Andy Warhol soup cans were what I used for each center (signature) page. Center pages need to be full, complete pages, rather than ones that are chopped up and could be used in any order. Hope that made sense. I knew you loved art and artists, so thought this pop art would be a fun addition as the center of each of the signatures. Love what you did with this second one and the colors you used, too.

  2. Okay, this journal is so colorful and really unique. I agree about those shoes. What are people thinking, walking in those?!

    I think the page at top is great just as it is.

  3. I am a fan of all things medieval...great page you created Dianne!

    The instant I saw barracuda...I "heard" the song in my head...funny how powerful music can be...I could see some seaweed coming up from the bottom of your page...but then is always nice to have a place for the eye to rest too :)

    It is always a treat to see your creativity!


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