Friday, June 24, 2011

Index Card A Day (ICAD)

Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover blog
told me that there was an 
Index Card A Day challenge going on
for the summer. I found it at
Card above, 'acrylics' prompt.

(Crayon and watercolor resist)

(Zig permanent marker and watercolors)

Masking Tape
(Collage, Orange painter's masking tape)

Magic Marker
(Sharpie & Sanford Colorific Markers)

(Fabric, painted papers, scrapbook papers,
Inchie image from a collage sheet)


  1. Um, WOW, I wish I could draw like you!! These are beautiful! Hopping over from the ICAD linky :).

  2. The scissors you draw are fabulous!

  3. really loving your cards. You make such effective and wonderful use of colour.

  4. I like your geometrical shapes circle card I use to do lots of these types of drawings when I was a child will have to try to remember to do some geometrical shapes

  5. I love them! The scissors are great! And the portrait too!

  6. Beautiful! I am going to need to spend time browsing you blog. It looks great.

  7. I am loving all these index cards of yours

  8. OMG!! These are stunning! How fun and a half! I just started making my own masking tape and I can't wait to use it. I've been too busy to breathe lately, but I'm definitely getting home from a short trip this week and starting in on those tapes. Your collage with tape is lovely, and your scissors just roc, big time.

  9. Thanks for hopping by on my blog and leaving a comment! I love, love, love the way you draw, I wish I could that too! Wonderful cards you made!!!

  10. Wow, so nice!!! Great job!

  11. wowowowowowow!! as always amazing work dear! what I would give to have even an ounce of your talent!! your work is sensational and of course love the colors!! glad to see you have been busy and obviously having fun!! posted a reply on my blog! thnx for chking in and keep in touch! thinking of you!! and love the fun art work dear!! always makes me smile!! xoxo Linda

  12. Your cards are fantastic! Love the one at the very top...great collage!

  13. Your cards are diverse and interesting, I like all of them a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh Dianne, I'm SO glad you found the ICAD site. And it was great that you were able to join this group, too. I know it will bring lots of people to your blog who learn what I have known for YEARS: what a fantastic and versatile artist you are.

  15. Thank you one and all for your encouraging and kind comments! I am having a blast with these index cards, and am enjoying a summer of creativity...check back on Fridays for the next installment!


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