Friday, April 15, 2011

Graffiti Dragon

Highlighter and marker in
visual art journal. Copyright DBC 2011.

Trying out "Graffiti style" lettering
and drawing. I was thinking of
'Puff the Magic Dragon'
but realized there could be
other unintentional connotations...
I'm not a tobacco (or otherwise) smoker,
so just think of this as fire-breathing
dragon smoke.
Very reminiscent of my art work
when I worked for a Tee-shirt
transfer company.

Not exactly like graffiti, but a fun experiment.
I wouldn't be fast enough to actually
paint a 'tag' on anything 
without getting caught...not into
danger, vandalism, or gang signs, 
but definitely intrigued by street art.

I often wonder what it would be like
to put my work over one of those
ugly billboards beside the freeway?


  1. oh, I know! I am in awe of artists who can tag quickly or make such amazing works with such seeming smoothness. I think what you've done here works great! Very cool.

  2. your PUFF is a very magic dragon indeed!

    Love it!

  3. Ahh, what memeories. I loved the show and the song, as did my kids. Your grafiti is wonderful eye candy.

  4. Truly lovely pieces. I've been seeing a lot of graffiti art showing up in mixed media and fabric art. Seems stencils are the way some people make their graffiti happen over and over quickly.

    I just recently learned what Puff was really all about. How little I seem to know.

  5. AH...Puff the magic dragon makes me think of my elementary school music teacher....
    Her name was Ms. Gustafson. Hey, I'm now Mrs. relation....
    If we were "good in class" when we were "little"....basically 4th grade and below...she'd play Puff the Magic Dragon for us as a reward. When we were older she'd play "Funky town".
    Sad but true.

  6. Love Puff, your magic dragon! Feel fortunate to have had the song sung to me by Peter Yarrow himself! (ok, me and about 50 other people!)


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