Thursday, April 7, 2011

Art Journal Collage

More pages in the 
Scrappy Green Journal created by
Elizabeth of Altered Book Lover.
I enjoy getting to work
on the substrates that she
made as they are often 
unexpected and stretch my
skills in new ways.

The square with bird & Tweet is
a pocket which can hold 
tags or other bits of
ephemera.  I don't "Tweet"
but couldn't resist the 
word and the bird together...

I've never outgrown paper dolls.
These are a couple that I just
did this week. Maybe it's silly
but it's "my party, and I'll make
paper dolls if I want to."
This one has a fashion magazine
face, drawn over with marker.

I drew the face on this one--
it has a watercolor background,
stamping, drawing, and a 
wallpaper scrap glued on.

In other news, I got a small journal in which 
to start making mysterious drawings 
and diagrams, ala Henry Jones.
(Indiana Jones dad)
I am going to start with diagrams of 
Native American glyphs from
the Ohio river area...
who knows what treasures will
be uncovered?


  1. Love how you are carrying on the scrappy journal pages. They look like you are having fun with them.

    I really love the paper dolls. Nothing like what I was thinking when I thought about a swap, but these are so imaginative and wonderful. And they are so different, too. Totally enjoyed seeing these and how much fun paper dolls can be.

  2. Love what you're doing in E's scrappy journal

    You certainly are so creative Dianne!
    Happy Tuesday!
    p.s. funny word verification:

  3. love the scrappy journal.

    and hey, i have plenty of paper parties that involve dolls.

    we are sistahs.


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