Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Art Journal Pages

Last spread in my little watercolor art journal.  Watercolor, Sharpie marker, white Signo Uni-ball pen, assorted painted papers and fabric.  The profile above is actually paint on fabric.

The square mini-collages are  1 1/2" and I make these up several at a time, not knowing how I will end up using them.  The blue section on the right is a 'flap.'

This is what is underneath the blue 'flap.'  The quote is from a poem entitled "Beauty" by E-Yeh-Sure:

Beauty is seen
In the sunlight,
The trees, the birds,
Corn growing and people working
Or dancing for their harvest.

Beauty is heard
In the night,
Wind sighing, rain falling,
Or a singer chanting
Anything earnest.

Beauty is in yourself.
Good deeds, happy thoughts
That repeat themselves
In your dreams,
In your work,
And even in your rest.


  1. Wow, these are so gorgeous! Loving them all! <3

  2. your journal pages are wonderful
    I am such a fan of quotes and words ... each detail is so creative and beautiful!

  3. I love these pages. You do such great work. Did I read correctly? Are these the last of your watercolor journal? I'm really impressed with the fabric profile. What a WOWser. And I like the idea of creating those little squares to be used later.

  4. The last spread of the book?! wow! I love it that you have mini collages ready to do. These colors are great. I love the abstract and layering. I have to work on my lettering...
    Thanks for sharing your work! rock on.

  5. I really love how you do your quote pages. I wish I could just lighten up and free myself to do a page so freely. Thanks for the inspiration!


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