Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Pages

A new page in the Green Journal.
The original page is shown below.
I painted the envelope with watercolor,
painted the margin nearest the spine
with acrylic, and added scraps of
painted papers, collage images,
fabric, scrapbook papers, and 
handwritten text.
(click on the image to enlarge)

The tag inside the envelope
shows a poem through the window,
also handwritten text:
November Night
by Adelaide Crapsey

with faint dry sound,
like steps of passing ghosts,
the leaves, frost crisp'd,
break from the trees
and fall.


  1. You pulled out ALL the stops on this page. Color, images, drawing, scraps, a quote, hand sewing, and your ever so original style. Thanks beyond belief for filling this book to its fullest. I am SO glad I chose to keep it so plain and unadorned. I truly knew you could handle a blank canvas!

  2. Wow...what a transformation! So glad you showed the original page. Love the bird...


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