Sunday, September 26, 2010

Art Community

Mixed media Art Journal,(which I have dubbed 'The Green Journal') created by Elizabeth of the Altered Book Lover blog.  I continue to be inspired  by her quirky and creative combinations of paper, fabric and images.  This is another set of pages from that journal.  (Click on any image for a closer look.)

After a wonderful day spent with Art friends in Ohio,  I felt the need to count my blessings: for the people who 'get' my art, who encourage me, who help me grow, and provide much needed support.  Thank you to all, both 'face to face' friends, and the on-line community! 

The Green Journal continues:  the tan page (above) with border added and hand-written text, top.  Bottom, the page as it was before altering. E had applied subtle color, and there is a wonderful sparkle to the page that doesn't come through on the scan.

E created the lovely red flowered page (above) with a white envelope protruding from the back side...and the little red bird cut-out.  I added some old wallpaper images before I realized I needed a 'before' picture.  After scanning, I then added fabric and hand-written text. I decided to stop here, as I feel the richly patterned surface is complete.

As I enjoyed laughter, artwork, and techniques with my art friends, we discussed something that you may have discovered yourself, or may be surprised to know.
"What do you do with it?"  people may ask--referring to your art.  It is my belief that the finished product is not necessarily the most important thing.  The process of learning, creating, and enjoying that process can be very therapeutic. Recent research shows that people need to play, even when they are adults. It is a way to relieve stress, have fun, and actually helps us focus and problem solve in other areas of life as a result.  Artists probably didn't need research to tell us this. I think we have always known.  Have some fun with art today!


  1. I continue to be amazed at the way you turn a plain page into a masterpiece. I know many of the other books I created are far more "enriched," but I am so glad I chose to keep the pages simple for you. I knew your creativity would shine through and you would make the most of them. These two pages really speak to me, and I love all the hand sewing, fun pieces, and journaling you have added to make these truly one-of-a-kind pages to be treasured by you and by ME being able to see what is possible.

    Thank you for honoring me by playing in the Green Journal. You have shown what links friends together in this big old blogging land.

  2. I agree Dianne. How lucky we are to be able to get together with others who "get it". I really enjoyed spending time with you and the AGO group on Saturday. My batteries needed to be recharged and they definitely did, surrounded by my art friends! Glad you found your way to our group! I would love to see this in person - or maybe you brought and I missed it? It looks like a beautiful piece of art.

  3. Wow. This post reminds me so much of my mom! Thank you. I miss her.

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