Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Color as Subject

Painting and collage.
Tempera, acrylic, magazine clippings,
black permanent marker.
This was done several years ago
when I was getting back into
art - making.
Perhaps I should revisit
the subject of color
without recognizable objects.


  1. It's beautiful. How much I look at it its perfect. Good job! Hoping to see more.

  2. One of your many talents is your great sense of color. I know so many people struggle with color, but you have a real handle on it. I would love to see you experiment with it, especially the bold, bright, hot colors of summer. Look forward to seeing more on this subject!

  3. Exactly! How cool! I love color and I love your palette. It's so luscious to play in color without plan or concept. Just start playing and see what happens. This is great.

    (of course, your lines are also not to be missed, so rock on!)

  4. Beautiful art and Blog. I will be back, often, to visit :) Best always - Marilyn

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