Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fifties Fashion

circa 1950, copyright A. Janet Burggraf Bishop
Pen and India ink, colored pencil on typing paper
Fashion drawings done by my mother.
She is not sure how old she was when she did these,
probably a freshman or sophomore in high school.
Apparently I inherited some artistic genes
from her. I remember that she often
doodled eyes and lips when she talked on the phone...
not faces, just the face parts!

My mother's drawing is above, my art journal drawing at the bottom. Mom's is in India ink and colored pencil, mine is in ballpoint pen. She drew these models from magazines and clothing patterns.

I attempted to draw the girl in the sweater on my art journal page...the profile is not quite right in my opinion.

A. Janet Burggraf Bishop, 1950

Dianne Bishop Carey, 2009


  1. Your ballpoint pen drawing is superb. Your mother was an excellent artist, too.

    Your profile drawing looks more thoughtful or contemplative. Your mother's profile makes the woman look "snooty," something I've noticed seemed prevalent in, and indicative of, 50s drawings. Yours may be different, but I love it anyway.

    Aren't those shoes a hoot?

  2. love the fashion of the 50's. you have a great blog.

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