Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crayons Aren't Just For Children

Crayons aren't just for kids...
vary the pressure for shading,
overlap and blend several colors,
use as a resist,
rub with a tissue for softening effect,
melt them (I haven't tried this yet)
endless possibilities...


  1. cool drawing with crayons, i've melted some but want to do it using my small art/craft iron.

  2. Thank you,

    I work with a non-profit organization called United Cerebral Palsy, and our mission is to provide programs and services that increase the independence, productivity and quality of life of people with developmental disabilities and their families.

    Recently, while sitting on the Team Member Council Meetings, an issue in regards to the usage of crayons as a possible teaching mechanism were deemed degrading and "childish" for people with developmental disabilities.

    With this being said, you're website, opinions, and art work encouraged my belief, that the committee is showing prejudice towards a remarkable drawing medium.

    Thank YOU,

    Matthew Andrade

    Direct Support Professional
    Council Team Member of United Cerebral Palsy Sacramento, Ca

  3. Matthew-thanks for your comment! I was stunned that you got such a negative reaction regarding this medium, but after thinking about it a bit, I realized that non-artists might be prone to feel that way. As a mixed media artist, I believe just about anything that is safe and non-toxic to work with is a potential art medium. Because crayons were "easy"(translate less messy for grown-ups to clean up!) to work with when we were kids, it is easy to overlook their potential. If my art work can help make the discussion more open-minded I am delighted. Best regards for the valuable work you are doing.


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