Sunday, December 7, 2008

Green ATC's

Sometimes it is difficult to get into the spirit of the holidays so just making a little art are two Artist Trading Cards that are one-of-a-kind. On the left, watercolor was used over gesso to create the pastel background. On the right, white tissue paper was painted with green & yellow watercolor, then applied to the gessoed card when dry. For some reason I am using non-traditional holiday colors--pink and light green--instead of red and green! the rosebud on the right is a color copy of a watercolor that I did myself. I often like to add vintage lace when it fits the feel of the work. There is a tiny bit of tatted lace on the card on the left, bought at an antique store.

The bottom card is business card sized , with my contact information on the back. I was not completely satisfied with the composition on this one, so I will need to do a few more of this size to improve a bit.

These cards were sent to a good friend who has helped me in my art journey...


  1. The ATC's are lovely! I hope you've enjoyed making them, they turned out great. I love the tatting on the one. Where did you get it? Your profile mentions you learned to crochet, but I didn't see any mention of learning to tat so I was just wondering...

  2. hello Dianne !!

    Yes, I'm still interested in swapping ATC's with you !!

    I had a bad week past week with constant migraines and your mail disappeared between all the others... So sorry for my late answer...

    I liked your previous ATC's, but these ones are also very nice !!
    I love that you used other than the common holidayscolors : I'm into blue and white for the moment for my Christmasdecorations... I just don't love to have the same decoration each year again. I hope I can make a new few things myself the coming days BEFORE the holidays are past..:)

    So, send me any ATC's you like : I love surprises !

    Just make something that is YOU and not that you make for my taste. By this way I learn to know people better and learn from their experiences in creating!

    I make you also 2 ATC's and send them off as soon as I have made them. Could you mail me your adress again, not sure if I wrote it down somewhere...

    About the bookbindinglessons : they are so interesting for the moment, not only for bookbinding, but for my creating in general !

    I'll show you in the end of the week what we made past weekend : marblingpaper... I just don't have photos yet, cause they had to dry at school...
    I'm glad that you like to read about it !

    greetings from Belgium



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