Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blue Girls

More Art Journal pages...or, using up the two colors of blue paint left on the palette...attempting to fill the space with interesting brushstrokes and shapes with no prior planning as to the composition...I always seem to fall back on the female faces...ever since I was a teenager I've done these...

I am not sure these pages are finished yet...I think that it needs some other papers of similar color collaged onto it...enjoyed just slapping the paint on there and creating the suggestion of faces with just a few brushstrokes.

And would you call this blue, periwinkle, purple...or even "purplewinkle?"


  1. I love the faces that you draw. The brush strokes are lovely. These would be fun pages to color copy and cut and re-purpose on other pages.

    Thanks for swinging by my blog and all of the kind words. I'm happy to hear you are inspired to be creative!

  2. Definitely purplewinkle! (Although if I were to be serious for a moment - ha! - I'd probably call it blueberry.)

    I love the idea of using up the paint on the palette this way. I'm struggling with a lot of creative "blockage" right now, and I think using up the bits of color is a great way to play!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. hello Dianne,

    your faces... wow !

    Your ATC's arrived a few days ago and are now on my "artsy Christmasdisplay" !

    My mom in law saw the papers and fabric you sended along ( thanks !) and she loved them... so I gave them to her to create with it. She was very pleased with them !

    Today my ATC's for you left my town... In about a week you should recieve them.
    I hope you like them... they are in my "blue"...

    a happy end of the year and a joyfull creative one in 2009 !
    greetings from Belgium


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