Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Thoughts

This collage was inspired by a visit to one of our state parks here in Ohio...the humidity had finally lessened and the temperature was less than scorching. I always enjoy time beside a lake, the breeze and shade trees...our son and grandson were with us, so we enjoyed watching our grandson throw stones into the water, hearing the satisfying "plop-kerplunk" of the splashes...being aware of the delight of small things is something I try to do...and grandchildren seem to help us remember that delight..."Sunshine sparkling on the water...stones splashing...thrown by a small boy...swings and slides and butterflies~"

This week, Lisa Vollrath's challenge for Make It Mondays on her Go Make Something site was "Summer" so this is my attempt to capture the joy of blue skies, cotton-candy clouds, and diamonds on the lake...


  1. That is a lovely collage. Made me feel like a kid in the summer again!

  2. I am totally in love with this collage. Such great artwork and collage techniques. You should be teaching this stuff.

  3. wonderful collage and I love the handwritten text, great interpretation of the theme

  4. nice composition...has a good balance
    beautiful piece


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