Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Medium is the Message

This is a collage that I did in my Art Journal in 2004. It was not intended to be any kind of political statement at the time. I just used pictures from magazines that I found interesting; colors, symbols and drawings that I felt made a good combination. Now when I look at it, I can see how it could be interpreted in a political way, and that is not usually my style. Some old interviews with artists that I have read have made me smile, because the interviewer or art critic wants to read a heavy meaning into the artwork, but that was not necessarily the intention of the artist. (Georgia O'Keeffe was pretty indignant about the sexual meanings attributed to her flower paintings.) I suspect that quite a few artists just went along with the interpretations so as to seem to have more depth...

"Don't everlastingly read messages into paintings," commanded John Marin, a contemporary of Georgia O'Keeffe's, "--- there's the daisy --- you don't rave over or read messages into it---you just look at that bully little flower---isn't that enough!"


  1. well my dear welcome to the blog world you have obviously gotten the hang of it really well and it looks amazing!! as does ALL your work wowser your work is fantastic!! (but then I knew that!!) will add you to my links as soon as I get all my work here today caught up!! this looks great dear!!
    xo Linda

  2. Wonderful work! Regarding what you said in this blog post, I'd just like to suggest that it's also possible that even if an artist (poet, etc.) is not aware that a deeper meaning was intended, sometimes images may come from the unconscious, and a deeper meaning may be "intended" on that deeper level.

    I once bought an O'Keeffe print for the non-profit where I worked. The board (not by any stretch of the imagination dilettantes) ask that it be taken down.

    May from the mixed media art friends list

  3. May-I find it amazing that anyone would be offended by an O'Keeffe flower! you may have a point about the "unconscious" message coming out...
    Linda-thanks for the vote of admiration! You know I appreciate it!


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