Documenting Life - on T Tuesday

 Documented Life Project pages.  Above,
inside the Week 21 Tip-In. (which I 
posted here)  Contrasting non-representational
painting with the pen and watercolor 
representation of flowers.
Fragrant peonies just don't last 
long enough...especially when it rains, 
so I wanted to draw them before they
were gone...

DLP Week 23, above.  The challenge was to
write something you are grateful for
each day.  I have many things to be
grateful for, so it was hard to choose.
Even small things can be a big
boost for your health and well-being!

Week 24: Use book pages 
or text paper on your page. 
Included in my collage
 are scrapbook papers with
writing, text pages from a book,
painted text pages and a page
torn from an old calendar/planner. 

Sharpie pen for a bit of line work and details...

The strips of flowers were printed 
from my computer.

Linking up with Elizabeth
for T Tuesday, and sharing a  
tea-inspired collage, above.  When you
create mixed-media collage, every
bit of scrap cardboard and things
like tea-bag tags hold possibilities
for creating art.  Look around you
for the possibilities...see with
a new perspective.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You've been busy, busy. I adore the way collage comes into play in your book. And of course, I totally agree that any tiny bit can be used in your art. You make it seem effortless, but I know how much time and planning must go into these pages.

Thank you for sharing these awesome pages and your tea bag tag with us for T this week. BTW, I haven't even posted yet, so I'm thrilled you are ready to go!

Vicki Miller said...

beautiful pages and I love the tea bag in your collage!

Eliza said...

Wow I love your collage work, your tip in pages are so individualistic and this i really like, they are not run of the mill like other people do that becomes same same. Great work, looks like I will be checking in much more now I have found you, I hope you don't mind.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 8

dawn said...

Hello Dianne, so happy you shared these pages, I never tire of seeing yours. They are all so fun and pretty but the grateful one is my favorite since I am all about that. Keep up the good work and keep sharing them here!!! Oh and the way you add a spot of tea to a page is so creative.
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

Divers and Sundry said...

I love collage because anything can be a part of it. It's only limited by the scope of the artist's imagination. Happy T Day :)

Linda said...

Really beautiful compositions and colors-nice lettering on the gratitude page too! Happy T day

~*~Patty S said...

You incorporate special bits of this and that so beautifully in your wonderful sketches Dianne.
Funny how when the peonies bloom we always get some heavy rain storms too...
Happy T day to you

Krisha said...

Happy T-day Dianne, thanks for stopping by my blog.
Your Documented life journal is so very interesting and the collage work is fantastic. I fell behind around week 4, so well done in keeping yours going.

As for the BBQ we did, the yard sale was HARD to pass, but I knew if I stopped long enough I would never get back to help the guys...LOL

Yes that was a giant aquarium behind my iced tea picture.

see you there! said...

Enjoyed your pages. I've been sketching a lot and not doing much mixed media art. Your comment about all the little useful bits made me want to dig into my stash and get in the mixed media mood.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

All of your pages are really beautiful. I especially liked the quote on the tea themed page.
Hope you have a lovely T Tuesday!

Ariel said...

great pages of art. I especially love your gratitude page.
Happy T day

Halle said...

You are so right...peonies don't last long. I should really go take a couple photos of my neighbors plant...before the rain comes.
Love the gratitude page. So colorful and great words.
Happy Tuesday!

Denise Price said...

Thanks for sharing your art again today. You have reminded me to photograph my peonies tonight, since it is supposed to storm tomorrow. Thank you, and Happy T Day!

Robyn said...

Love your painting- so free and expressive!

thanks for welcoming me to the T community, visiting me! and your kind words.
robyn 3

Rita said...

Lots of fun artwork!
Happy T-Day! :)

Bridget Larsen said...

What a great story to tell out of an altered page
Bridget #13

Hettie said...

What beautiful pages you have done. I love your Gratitude page particularly.
Happy belated T Day!