Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hobonichi Techo Collage

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Hobonichi:  A Japanese company specializing in
planners and accessories, which encourages their
customers to "Make it your Life Book."
Techo:  Japanese for 'planner'.
Collage: A composition or design made by arranging
 and gluing materials to a background surface. 

My Techo is the A6 size English planner, so it's
roughly 4 inches by 6 inches, and the quotes on
each two-day spread are translated into
English. They are not necessarily 'motivational
quotes' but rather quotations from books, and
are often quirky or amusing.

I challenged myself for the month of August
to create a collage each day.

Scrapbook paper, envelope liners, doodles,
painted papers, scraps sent from blogging
buddies...they're all resources!

Our daughter asked us to volunteer at a Nascar
event, to benefit the Music Boosters at her school.
Hubby thought it sounded fun. Above, my pass for
the day. Our job was to help attendees on and off
of the Trams that went from the camping area to
the racetrack. We met lots of happy people from
many different places, including Canada, England,
Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio.

Since I dressed for sun protection and comfort,
my appearance that day was very odd, especially
with the addition of the red vest we were required
to wear!  (as my 'selfie' cartoon clearly shows)
The open-air Trams had chains or ropes
as 'guardrails' at the end of each row of seats,
fastened with caribiners.  I found that when you are
trying to be efficient and quick, that is when you
become the most clumsy at unfastening a
caribiner! (I don't think I will ever be a rock climber)
I had taken a backpack with drawing supplies,
but we were kept busy all day, so no chance
to sketch!

When someone comes up and stands beside you and blocks
your view, you might end up with 'half' a person. Can you
spot her?

Always interesting times when we visit the daughter
and son-in-law.  Daughter plays in a praise band
at her church, and they also are 4-H advisers.
So we went to a small-town parade and a barbecue
fund-raiser on Saturday, and got details about
the planning for the 4-H booth at the Fulton
county fair.  I expect we will go to the tractor pull,
and I will try to do some sketching of the 
animals again. Stay tuned...

I recently exchanged some Happy Mail with someone
in Washington state, and received a lovely package
stuffed with vintage ephemera from 
#forgottengems (on Instagram) The above collage
includes some of the goodies she sent. 

Linking up for T Tuesday, where we share a 
beverage related post with our hosts
Bleubeard and Elizabeth.  Last week there
were 10 coffee cups in my post (if you count the
one that was repeated a second time) but you
could actually have counted the magic potion 
as a beverage too, making 11! 

How many cups do you see this week?


  1. Wow-sounds like a very fun filled week-I love the idea of the journal you first mentioned-I may need to look into that.
    always love your drawings so much too
    oh and just a note-the link on the T post did not work-so you may need to redo that.
    Happy T Day wishes Kathy

  2. Oh Dianne your journals are just amazing :)
    and what a busy time you have had. I follow F1 racing and on the few occassions I've seen Nascar racing on tv have enjoyed that too - how wonderful to actually go to a real race :)
    As for the cups I think there ar aleast 12....
    Gill x

  3. Your journal pages are exceptional as always. I very much enjoy your illustrations. That was a great, international meet up. Love the pic of you in the red vest. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. I simply love your collages. I am keeping a techo myself this year-but trying to practice my drawing by sketching something or many things each day. I do like the Hobonichi-I am using the cousins so each of my journals for 2018 are 6 months a piece. I like how you draw and add bits. I think I could sit and look at your journals and entertain myself for quite a while. It must have been interesting to volunteer at a Nascar race. Have a happy T day.Hugs-Erika

  5. I love the idea of a life planner but I don't have time to create everyday. I wish.
    Good for you! You are doing some beautiful collage work for the month of August. I love how you challenge yourself and stick to it. Lovely drawing and yes, I found the 'half' person. HAHA! Sounds like you have so much going on. Where ever do you find the time to get all these amazing sketches done?
    Happy Tea Day,

    1. Kate, thanks so much! In answer to your question about finding the time to sketch...I make the time. Art takes priority over housework!! ;)

  6. First, unless I miscounted, I found 10 cups of coffee this week. Second, I have a djembe left by my steel drum friend, Joseph. He left a few other drums, too. It was fun seeing the one you drew.

    I always love your collages. They always speak to me, and I feel they speak to most of us. I also love your use of washi tape and security envelopes. If only I saw pieces of detritus the way you do!

    Lucky YOU to volunteer at the NASCAR race. I have been to one NASCAR, but my claim to fame is the Indy 500 one year over the Memorial Day weekend. My company had tickets to every event AND passes that got me into the pits. I also had box seats, and it was one of the best Memorial weekends I ever spent. I bet you enjoyed your time at the NASCAR event, too.

    Thanks for sharing your Hobonichi techo and collages, as well as your many cups of coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  7. Beautiful pages! I love the collages that you created and it looks like you had a fun time creating them too 😁. I always enjoy counting the cups and I counted 11 cups without the magic potion ...lol 😉. Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  8. Fabulous collage pages, and all full of interest. and your drawings and sketches look awesome.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  9. "sun protection and comfort" yes! That's always the way to go :) NASCAR isn't my thing, but your art is always a delight. Happy T Tuesday

  10. I counted 12 cups (including one in a collage). I'm impressed that you can create lovely collages like this in such a small space, Dianne. I laughed at the caribiner difficulty. The drawing is too funny. I have the same challenge, but I'm not so cute when I struggle with them ;-)

    My favorite is your street scene watercolor drawing.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  11. I so enjoy reading your week. Love your drawings. I counted 11 cups. Had to smile when I saw you watched Doctor Who. Happy T Day

  12. Your pages are a delight! Love your illustrations. How I missed your art, my friend!Have a magical week!

  13. Always enjoy your sketches Dianne! Thank you so much for the encouragement on my painting... It means the world.. Happy T day hugs! deb

  14. oh my, your week was filled to the brim!! i enjoyed this post - and can relate to the carabiner thing - which also reminds me i never could go climbing, for many reasons;)
    happy t-day:))

  15. I just love looking at your drawings! I LOVED the drawing of yourself!

  16. Your collages are fabulous Diane! I must say your outfit looks very errr....different!! Sounds like a fun time though! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

  17. I spotted 8 cups, but not the half person, I don't think unless it is just the legs in lower left? Love your journals! Happy belated Tea Day!

  18. Your illustrations are simply fantastic ! I love to look at your unique art ! WOW!
    Hugs, Susi

  19. Your journal art is simply out of this world beautiful Dianne! Absolutely amazing - each single page and spread!
    You really ROCK!
    Hugs, Susi

  20. I seriously love your collages and it makes me want to do a collage right away. And making a collage for every day in August! - what a fun challenge. It's also really good that you combine them with your journal writing, to have memories and art together. Your drawings/paintings are marvellous too.
    I'm a bit late for last Tuesday so I'll just say "Happy Tea Weekend!".


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