Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hobonichi Techo Pages

Drawing daily in my Hobonichi Techo

with Sharpie pen or Smash pen

and adding watercolor with my
Prismacolor watercolor pencils and
water brush.

Click on any image for an

Someone once asked if I journal the" bad things"
 too. Well, yes - sometimes. I am conscious of 
whether or not I will be posting it online. You
don't need TOO much information...
And I'd rather focus on the positive.

These pages aren't completely in order by date...
the computer saved them alphabetically by
the title I gave them!

Happy Halloween to those who 
enjoy celebrating it ...and Happy Autumn!


  1. Wow, I'll be featuring my pitiful calendar later in the week, and yours definitely puts mine to shame. I'm in no way capable of drawing and sketching all the beautiful art you do each day. I'm lucky to get a single line in place. You create an entire book each day. These are beautiful pages.

  2. These always make me happy, and I think you're right about trying to keep it positive. I get a lot of inspiration from your pages. Hugs-Erika


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