Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Techo on Tuesday

Watercolor and white acrylic paint
in my Hobonichi Techo, above. The paper
holds up very well. Even though the
pages seem thin, the paints do not
show on the back at all...

Our last snow fall was very pretty
sticking to all the trees. I could hear
the wind blowing clumps of snow
off of the branches and hear it
hitting the ground with a 
wet 'plop.'  It all melted the same day.

A friend gave me some pages from
a children's book that she was preparing
to use as an art journal.  I can't resist
Winnie-the-Pooh, and had to paste
this conversation into my Techo.
I am thankful we don't get many
earthquakes where I live, though
they have been known to happen!

Some days the Techo drawings
are pretty random...
A sketch of my travel mug for
the T Tuesday blog hop-- to 
qualify as my 'beverage reference.'
On Tuesdays, anyone can join in
the blog hop, as long as you reference
a beverage, with a photo, artwork, or even
a video clip. Join in for some fun!
There is usually a wide variety of viewpoints.

The Techo has somewhat
replaced my enthusiasm for
The Documented Life Project 2016,
But I am still keeping up with it.
I don't like to quit a project once 
I've started it. Modifications are definitely
in order though, as these calendars show.
The daily tiny drawings from January
became 'several days at a time' on
February's calendar.  In March, I
decided to do one large image
for the month.  The crocus photo
was taken by a friend, who permitted
me to draw from her photo. I am not liking
the distracting lines from the calendar...
the diagonal striped page is a pre-printed
scrapbook type page that I had chosen 
for my monthly divider. Perhaps not
the best choice. Maybe I should try this
image again on plain watercolor paper?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hi there Dianne. Happy happy Tday!! Love to see all your journaling and Calendar making.. Always lovely... No snow here... But LOTS of rain expected this week. The daffodils are up the grass is greening up. I'd say Spring has arrived... Hugs! deb

  2. Enjoyed your pages. Laughed at the Pooh page. We don't have any snow here by the Bay but an earthquake is always out there waiting.

  3. I like the design on your travel mug. We haven't had any snow to speak of this winter. I'd love to have a snow deep enough to make a full-sized snowman with or that would cover the grass, at least. Ah, well, I'm enjoying the coming of Spring :) Happy T Tuesday!

  4. awe i love Winnie the Pooh too:) I love seeing your sketched pages every time I visit, and that winter tree is fabulous Dianne!! Did you see the last Downton episode yet? I loved it but almost shed a tear that it is now over-I will really miss those characters and actors!

  5. Love all your art pages and the lovely Pooh quote. Happy T Day, sorry I'm late today, I was at Rehab/Boot camp all day! Hugs, Valerie

  6. I mentioned to Krisha last week that I had been in CA for several earthquakes, but never felt them. However, there is a LOT of fracking near the KS/OK border and one day I felt one. It lasted over a minute and I thought it was the cats fighting under my couch. However, they were both sitting within eye shot, so I knew it wasn't them. Later learned it was a 5.6 earthquake. Loved Pooh's tale though.

    Had to laugh at your DLP. You DO realize there are far more months to fill in than there are already completed. But I understand your desire to finish the project.

    As always, your lovely drawing of your travel mug made me smile. I'm so happy you shared it, and your weekly techno art with us for T this Tuesday. Don't forget to watch my Thursday post.

  7. OH new Midsommer episodes you say!!! I am such an Anglophile.
    We had a similar wet snow last week that melted the same day.
    Your drawing captures the winter wonderland beauty perfectly.
    Each of your drawings and pages is such fun to click on and enjoy close up.
    Looks like you're having fun as always dear Dianne.
    Happy T Day oxo

  8. Your journal pages are beautiful. The calendar art pages are my favorite.
    Happy T day

  9. You are just so darn talented! I love seeing what you have drawn.
    I've only just started season 5--long way to go to get to the new 17!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  10. I love your journal pages! You draw so well.
    I love Midsummer Murders. It is so English! Although sometimes I wonder if there is anybody left in the village (when there is a high body count).
    Love the Winnie the Pooh page.
    Elizabeth's computer freezes every time she visits my blog and gets a message 'Mozilla Firefox not responding'.I have never heard of Mozilla Firefox and am not conscious of using it... Do you get the same problem?
    Have a good week,

  11. Oh my! Such wonderful art today! I do love Winnie the Pooh! Midsomer Murders has finished here! I like to watch but preferred it when John Nettles was in it! Happy T day! Chrisx

  12. Always love seeing your journal pages. They are bright but feel light and airy and always have such cool illustrations and sketches. Hugs.

  13. Love your pages !!! and your devotion in consistently working on them . ♥

  14. Your illustrations are unique Dianne! I love them all!
    Happy belated T-Day to you!

  15. You draw so well and in such a happy palette. Your discipline is so admirable. I'm afraid I get bored with the long term projects and have trouble keeping up my enthusiasm. Bravo to you for creating s much. Xox

  16. so lovely to go towards spring with your sketches. i really like your style. t-day is over, but i wish you a happy rest of the week:)

  17. Love the pages you shared today. I was really sure I already left you comment but it must have been my imagination...or flu addled brain playing tricks on me.


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