Tuesday, December 8, 2015

'Tis the Season~ Art Journal Pages

 " 'Tis the season...to get
caught up in the madness
of buying things."
Watercolor background, stamped
circular designs, chalk pastels applied
around painters' tape used as a mask.

Sometimes I need to remind myself
that this season isn't about all of the
stuff. It should be about time with
those we love. And I probably do
have way too much stuff...

Large lettering drawn through a
stencil, drawings of ornaments placed
within the masked rectangular areas.
Sharpie pen and assorted markers to
add more line and color.
Very 'busy' pages...just like the season!

Sharing a re-post of my wonky
drawing of a snowman mug...
and linking up with 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth for
T Tuesday. Stop by for a 
visit and a warm beverage!
What have you been
doing during this
busy season?


  1. You are so right! We can get so caught up in the busy-ness that the meaning of the season passes us by. I've been enjoying Christmas cds and Christmas movies. There are so many!

  2. Yes, we often miss out on the most important thing this season, and it is good to bring things back into perspective and concentrate on the meaning. Lovely journaling pages, and love the snowman mug. Have a good week, and a happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Fabulous pages Dianne!! I have been thinking of doing a holiday themed watercolor collage but haven't gotten the time yet. Cute mug too. Happy T day!

  4. I often call it the silly season, because people start acting silly about this time of year. Sales everywhere you go, except needed food items, and people rushing to be first in line wherever we go. Even when I was working 58 hours a week and going to school full time, I didn't try to beat someone in line so they could take my money. I'm glad you pointed out that loved ones are far more important than anything else. If I lost everything tomorrow, I would be very sad, because there are some things that are irreplaceable. But I would live and I would have my health, and I would still have people who care about me. I'm so thrilled you pointed this out through your lovely journal pages.

    As always, I adore your little snowman who the birds are flocking to. And of course, I love the sentiment, but I would need to replace Columbia with France, since I'm a French Roast coffee drinker. Thanks for sharing your art with us for T this Tuesday, dear.

  5. I love your pages today - such good advice too!Your coffee cup made me smile! Chrisx

  6. Lovely drawing of the coffee mug. Your journal pages are so apt for the season. Thank you for sharing that thoughtful message through this post. It's so true, sometimes we tend to forget the real meaning of Christmas and spend so m uch time in and out of malls-:)
    Happy Tuesday

  7. Agreed! It isn't about the stuff. Excellent point.

  8. Love the wonky cup and the saying--lol!
    Great journal pages!! You do make such pretty pages.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  9. Wow this are wonderful pages Dianne!
    Happy belated T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  10. wonderful journaling and mug, dianne! yes. we all have too much stuff... and i´m trying hard to buy almost nothing any more... sharing time is the key word!

  11. I have way too much "stuff", too, but I agree that sharing time with family and friends is the most important thing!Lovely page, and sorry to be so late in saying Happy T Day this week!

  12. Hello Dianne!! Your art and words describe this time so well. Your pages are so pretty, love the colors. I'm making sure to sit by the tree each day and just be still and not think about all that's going on this time of year, just that little breather helps me.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my last post, it's been so long since I posted. Sorry I didn't come by sooner, I think of you often though when I'm outside enjoying the warm weather and hope you are too. The kids are begging for snow but for now I'm ok with the mild temps.
    You mentioned about your photos, I struggle having the right pages for my size photos too, you can crop them to fit in the small pockets or just put them in that way anyhow, I've done that with my photos too. It may not look the best but it gets it done so you can move on. Wish I lived closer and we could do our albums together. Also, you can buy page protectors that work for horizontal and vertical photos if that helps.
    You do so much art too friend, so that alone is telling so much about you and your life. I love that about you and your art, SO GOOD!!!

    Take care dear friend, enjoy the temps and the weekend. HUGS!

  13. Love your pages Dianne!Gorgeous my friend!Happy belated t-day:)


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