Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mad Tea Party

Art Journal Pages:
Sharpie pen and watercolor on
drawing paper in black hardbound
sketchbook, 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches.
It's not designed for water media, but
I use it anyway. A little warping of
the pages doesn't bother me.

Above, one of the pages I drew in March 
during our road trip: random
road signs that made me smile.  The
original Sharpie pen drawing needed
some color...

so a few additions of watercolor
seemed in order.

April is International Fake Journal Month.
If you'd like to see my 2015 Fake Journal, 
and see what my Fake character is doing,
It's an experiment in trying to create
art in a different way...in ways that I
don't normally work...with a personality
that isn't my own...different characteristics
and ways of working. It's harder than
it sounds!  My own biases and
preferences keep creeping in...

Linking up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for
their T Tuesday blog party, in which we 
share 'what we're up to,' what beverage we
are drinking (it doesn't have to be tea, but it is
a prominent theme) and general shenanigans.
My morning beverage is usually coffee with
chocolate added. But wouldn't a 
Mad Tea Party be fun!?

Some days I think
"We're all mad here."
And that's just fine...
it's not boring.
What are you up to?

◘  ◘  ◘


  1. LOVE the post Dianne!! The art work, the quotes, and general journaling had me smiling.

    Happy T-day

  2. Beautiful sketches Dianne. Love those road signs, and the bit of added color was the perfect finish. Fun Mad Hatter collage too. Happy T day!

  3. As wonderful as your black and white sketch is the additions of color really make it sing!
    You are so talented.
    Everything goes better with chocolate I believe :-)
    Happy T Day dear Dianne!

  4. Fantastic sketches and very funny signs too. You're quick off the mark thinking of things whilst whizzing past in a vehicle, hehe. fake journaling does sound hard. I'm not sure my brain wouldn't explode! hehe.
    Happy T Day :D

  5. I love your lettering! I keep promising to practice mine more!! Love your quotes too! Happy T day!Chrisx

  6. Love your sketches and adding the color just brought that page to life! So cool that you took a before and after. Happy T-Day! :)

  7. The first journal page is so true! Both are beautiful! And oh my bug I love the idea of a fake journal! Happy T Day : )

  8. I love that you go back and add the watercolor. Much easier than draggin all those supplies along for the trip. :)
    Happy T day

  9. Yes, I'm late for the T party this week, but I have a good excuse.

    Your drawings are mesmerizing, and I'm still curious as to who you are when you're not Dianne (grin).

    I had to laugh at the 44 F quote. It was SO true before spring actually hit us last week.

    I want to join your mad tea party, because there are days I'm sure that's me.

    I read your comment about Kathy, and I'm sure you were in a couple of swaps with her. When I say she is always over the top, I mean when you think she has enough decorations on the tip-in, she'll add about six more just to be sure she's covered everything (grin).

    Thanks for sharing your mad tea party with us for T this Tuesday (well, it's still Tuesday on the west coast). I'm off to see your fake journal as soon as I visit the rest of the T group.

  10. I always adore your wonderful drawings and paintings Dianne! Such fab art!
    Happy belated T-Day!

  11. Great art this week and I really enjoyed your entire post! I often wonder what is behind the names of places too. I can so totally relate to that first one :) !!!

  12. Hello and Happy T Day late!! My poor computer is acting up this week, it's either working slow or doesn't show the pictures on the blogs I'm trying to visit. UGH!!

    LOVE these, that first one made me laugh and I totally agree. CUTE road sign art, so creative and fun!!
    Just love your art each week and glad you keep sharing it with us.

    The weather has been almost spring like this week, today was the best day we've had. Hope it's been good for you. I see some states got snow again, YIKES!! It better not come this way.

    Sending hugs and happy wishes for a good week.


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