Saturday, May 18, 2013

Notes About My Days~ Art Journal

 I filled the blue Smash Book that I was
working in, and started a new Green Eco
Smash Book.  Most of the backgrounds 
have something to do with nature. 
I mainly bought it because it was on sale--
a steal at $4.00!
Above, a drawing in Sharpie pen with
watercolor added.

Drawings of some of the vintage bottles 
left over from the wedding decor, along
with some quotes and notes. I like
the pre-printed background on these
pages of the Smash Book.

This page, above, includes an excerpt from
a book I was reading, some doodles,
painted trees, and a list of memory
boosting foods- which I definitely need!

I was having a good day on April 15,
until I heard about the Boston bombings...

 More notes about how I spent a day
with my family
at a Maple Syrup Festival
 ...a fun time,
and a beautiful day.

Something about Amish buggies makes
me smile, though I do wonder how many
close calls they have competing with
cars for roadway space!

Many times I don't put a specific date on
a journal page, just my signature and the year.
However, I am thinking it's time to change
that and date my pages. (Even though I don't
work on the pages in chronological order- I
often 'skip around') Do you always date
your pages or your art work?


  1. Love, Love your journaling. You are so amazing!!

  2. I can't begin to express how beautiful your artwork is. That horse and buggy were gorgeous beyond belief.

    You got a really good bargain on that smash journal. I noticed all Smash products were on sale awhile back, but didn't see an journals. Glad you managed to capitalize on it.

  3. You Make such incredible watercolor work! I tried finding your email but couldn't. I am currently looking for someone to help create graphics for my website and would love to incorporate your work email me a quote of your prices at


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