Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fake Journal: Realism Not Required

'Fake Journal' entry created
first with pencil sketch, then 
painted in gouache.

Transcript of the above:

The Way of Tea exemplifies elegant
simplicity...beauty need not require opulence.
But the Way of Tea has become rigid ceremony...

Strict adherence to reality is not required.
Asymmetry is beauty. Omitting background
details is quite permissible to give the subject
prominence. The rhythm and variety of
negative space enrich the composition.

Why not simplify the subject to its essence?


  1. Fabulous Dianne! How very zen-like.

  2. I was curios about your "chops". At first I thought you might have carved them and made stamps. I like them! They are a lovely finishing touch to your very peaceful art work!

  3. Really nice! Love the bold colors and shadow. I've never quite figured out what gouache is, but it's rich and vibrant, that's for sure.

  4. Has it really been this long since I visited? So it's pretty obvious I'm buried under piles of lists if I can't take time to visit. I wish you could teach my AB lesson this Sunday. I am in need of ways to show shadow and 3-D in a 2-D space. I totally LOVE what you have done with these stones.

  5. Thanks for your recent visit.
    I am a big fan of stones and I love how you've painted them here. Inspiring fake journal!


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