Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Black and White Art

Collage created from magazine and clip-art images, a scrap of the inside of a security envelope, and fabric.

White gel pen and Pigma Micron pen.

Surrounding doodles inspired by Dover clip-art, and handwritten script is a portion of an Edgar Allen Poe poem.


  1. I was so glad to see your post this morning. I was beginning to worry about you. I can see what was taking all your time. Wow, this piece has a ton of detail and work in it. I could look at it all morning and still see something new.

  2. Visiting from Elizabeth and Bleubeard and just had to say how fantastic this creation is!
    The close up is WOW!

  3. Dianne- this is wonderful! When I first looked at the thumbnail, I thought - security envelope. Then I enlarged it and found that you had doodled the majority of it! Who would have known that plain black and white could be so awesome!?

  4. This is amazing- I love black and white -it brings so much attention to the details and contrasts- excellent collage!

  5. This piece is right there next to awesome!


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