Friday, December 4, 2009

Watercolor Art Journal

Created a little Art Journal from Fabriano watercolor paper
using the instructions by Teesha Moore.
Mine is 7" x 9" instead of the 8" x 10"
that Teesha made. This journal is simple to make and
so much easier to scan than my thicker
hardback journal. Teesha originally posted videos
on her blog explaining her process.
The videos are now on YouTube here.

Watercolor background with
scraps of hand-painted papers, fabric,
stamping, scrapbook papers, & found images.
Chalk pastel, Sharpie extra-fine point marker,
and white gel pen for added depth.


  1. I've tried several times to make a border like yours or Teesha's and I keep failing miserably. I'm going to study your page carefully and maybe I'll figure out a good way to make a border that I'm happy with. Yours is fabulous!! I really think it has more to do with ability than any instructions :>)

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