Saturday, May 16, 2009

Art Journal Pages

Some thoughts from the book
The Artist's Way...
something all artists need to remind
themselves of...

I have noticed some blogs
promoting the idea that an art journal
is an "illustrated diary" and that it's not
just about art...for me that is not so.
My art journal is more about art than
it is about my daily life, but I do put in
whatever strikes my fancy...swatches, sketches,
quotes, whimsy, magazine clippings,
collage, ideas for art...
I think my art journal can be whatever I like
and whatever inspires me.
Adapt the ideas that you like and ignore
the ones you don''s your journal
and you should follow your
own muse!


  1. i have been 'studying' this book as well...your reflective pages are beautiful

    there are many pluses to a journal
    but 1 is the visual pleasure..when looking back...

  2. The positive message in these pages is powerful. Your drawings are the icing on the cake. It's the total package!


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