Saturday, November 1, 2008


Other voices, other rooms
Wexner Center For The Arts
The Ohio State University, 1871 North High St., Columbus, Ohio
Sept. 13,2008--Feb. 15, 2009

"Other Voices, Other Rooms sheds new light on the celebrated pop artist and focuses on the ideas at the heart of his work: embracing consumer culture, exploring sexual identity, challenging social conventions, and erasing distinctions between high and low culture."
-excerpt from Wexner Center calendar of events

I visited the Warhol exhibit today and found it both intriguing and disturbing. There is no doubt that Warhol was a master of many mediums, and his images have become icons.
Warhol's films are somewhat repellent to me, as I am not desiring to witness the sexual identity exploration that they are purportedly about...but I found the drawings, paintings, ephemera and even TV shows quite entertaining and often amusing. He did some TV shows that had quite a lot of runway fashion show in them, very quirky interviews...there were recurring images of women's shoes--often with stiletto heels...
silk screen posters sprinkled with diamond dust,
fluorescent hued camouflage,
drawings and cartoons,
all exhibited in the architectural grandeur of the Wexner Center...
I highly recommend the exhibit to modern art enthusiasts.
"In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes."

"if you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There's nothing behind it."

"I never read I just look at pictures."

"Think rich, look poor."

"I am a deeply superficial person."
--Andy Warhol


  1. Wow, Dianne. How lucky you are to be able to see this traveling exhibit. Thanks for the great details you went into. It made it seem like I was there with you.


  2. I visited the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh several years ago. I thought the best part was the display of his illustrations from when he worked in advertising. I remember also a drawing with a snake at a cocktail party (something like that) with a funny caption. There was also a room full of floating silver balloons. Most of what I know about Warhol comes from the book "Edie," about one of the Warhol Superstars, Edie Sedgwick, who died tragically at age 28. It's a great book if you can find it. Also, "Popism--The Warhol '60s" is another great one!


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